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  1. Well that really sucks.


    Is there at least some way that I could be notified when this happens?

    How about just stripping off the attachment and adding a note to bottom of the email, instead of rejecting the message entirely?


    Also, do you have a list of the file types that get rejected?

    I've had this happen for strange things like .chm and .mdb files.

    Are there really viruses that spread using MS Access databases?

  2. Some emails sent to my TCH account have been been getting rejected with the follow message:


        This message has been rejected because it has

        a potentially executable attachment "HDModule.chm"

        This form of attachment has been used by

        recent viruses or other malware.

        If you meant to send this file then please

        package it up as a zip file and resend it.

    How do I disable this feature?

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