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  1. Yes, we'd like to save the existing email data.
  2. I have a client interested in TCH hosting, but they'd like to be able to set up their email along with the website. Does anybody know of a free utility (or inexpensive) that can transfer mail boxes and data from an Exchange 5.5 system into the TCH email system? Would greatly appreciate being pointed in the right direction. Jeff P.
  3. Thanks Turtle, I already feel right at home. I've been reviewing some of the previous threads and have already found answers to questions that I will need for future implementations of scripts, etc. This is very comforting after the previous 3 years of disastrous hosts that offered no support and no access to other users. TCH offers everything I need. I plan to install a third site next week.
  4. 1. Fast, efficient online payment via Payystems – Quick and Painless 2. Almost Instant Domain Name Reservation & Registration – complete within minutes 3. Website setup in 6 –24 hours - completed in less than two hours 4. Domain Name resolved in 24-72 hours – completed in less than 48 hours 5. Features promised – size, scripts, stats, email setup, admin cpanel – all as advertised. 6. Response to questions – Fast and smooth. 7. Quick servers – no complaints here. 8. Easy ftp downloading – No problems. 9. Clear and usable documentation – Fine, with appropriate links to Cpanel etc. 10. Growth Potential – No restrictions that I can see. What more could we ask for from a hosting service at anywhere close to these rates? Hats off to everyone at Total Choice Hosting. I’m impressed. 10/10 I wish some other hosting services would take notice. TCH is the way it's supposed to be.
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