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  1. At cPanel > Backups is a Full Backup Option. Click that link. It's safe: it doesn't make the backup right away. You'll first choose options where to put the backup: in your home directory from where you can download it, or you can FTP it directly to the home directory of your new site. Once it's there, I don't know how to unpack it. A TCH tech did that for me when I moved my site to TCH.


    There's also a cPanel > Backup Wizard that just looks like a user-friendly interface for the same thing. Description is at http://twiki.cpanel.net/twiki/bin/view/AllDocumentation/CpanelDocs/BackupWizard.


    The Full Backup is preferable, if you can determine that someone will be able to unpack it for you. It transfers everything, including email addresses, etc.


    If restoring from a Full Backup turns out not to be possible, the smaller backups you can make in Backup can still be reassembled at the new site, but you'd need to create some things manually. I don't think it will create the email accounts.



    I have created a backup...I'm just not sure how to put that on the new site lol :)

  2. Do you mean transfer as in moving the content from another host to TCH or just have new domain point to content already on a TCH server?



    Correct. Both domains are on tch servers through my reseller account. They lost their domain name so had to get a new one .com instead of .org so a move from org to com is needed.

  3. Good morning :)


    I have a client who recently lost their domain name which was hosted through me. They have gotten a new domain name and now we need to transfer their old site to the new one. I'm pretty sure I have not done that before. Any suggestions? Tips? How To?


    Thank you !

  4. A client of mine has a .net which is hosted with me. They recently obtained the .com. If I understand correctly, we can just park the .com on top of the .net so that if you go to either (example.net or example.com) its the same site.


    Can I do this via her cpanel (I see a domain parking icon there) or is this something TCH would need to do?





  5. First of all I must say... :tchrocks:


    Now here's a question. If I choose the Standard Reseller plan, how much is allocated to my hosting site and how much would that leave for hosting packages for my clients? Half and half? Same question for Deluxe Reseller.


    TIA! :)

  6. Actually did the backup in WP before it went bonkers on me (was something in the server as I had to open a tech ticket on that issue) but I'm very happy to say I was able to import my DB and its back. WOOHOO. Thanks for your help everyone! :(

  7. First of all I'm having the problem again of not getting notified of comments via email. I seriously think its a server issue? But not positive there. I had the problem a few weeks ago and it seemed like it cleared itself up on its own. Now I'm having the same problem.


    My next problem has to do with pages in wordpress (version 2.02)


    I'm getting this error:


    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ')' in /home/simplyc2/public_html/wordpress/wp-content/themes/silentbabble/page.php on line 5


    I have no idea what that means.


    Any help is greatly appreciated.

  8. Hi Cindy, I've experienced the same problem from time to time. Is the address you set up in WP one on the same domain name or are you using an offsite email address to receive your comments? If it is the latter, create a forward in your cpanel and try that.


    Example: you have in you WP admin panel cindy[@]gmail.com change it to blog@your-TCH-domain and create a forward for blog@your-TCH-domain to go to cindy[@]gmail.com


    I've done this and haven't had a problem since.


    Thanks Bruce I'll give that a try :)

  9. This just started today...


    For some reason, wp is not notifying me of new comments made on my blog. Ive got the appropriate things checked to notify me when anyone leaves a comment. I'm running the latest wp version and have been for a while. Could it be a wp issue or maybe an issue with my domain? I also did a backup of my database via wp and asked it to email that to me as well and its not done that either.


    Thanks for your help!




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