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  1. Never mind, the DNS servers were not propagated completely yet. Is all working now.
  2. Hi, I have loaded my site, but have used .htm instead of .html extensions. Can I change a setting to determine the default extension, or do I need to have the techies change it for me? Kees
  3. Here is a 360° view of my work area. The monitors without TCH on it are actually not working and one is running our Novell server. Click here for a bigger view And here is my desk, just a little messy at the moment and it has been cleaned recently!! Just don't ask me to find a piece of paper you gave me. Click here for a bigger view TCH is one of the best hosting sites that I have found. Four sites hosted and counting!!! Why can't others be better with their service and cheaper with their prices???? Rock Sign
  4. Hi, I am currently not able to log into my cpanel. I can see see everything else fine, but as soon as I try to run cpanel, I get error 64 the specified network name is no longer available. The site is www.contecgroup.com. I am trying to acces it from my work and we are behind MS Proxy Anyone have any ideas?
  5. Thanks Jimuni, I thought as much. And Jack, I have already downloaded your script, which I am sure will do the job admirably. I just have to incorporate it into the site I have created which was done in (dare I say it) MS Frontpage. So we shall see how that goes. Should be an interesting exercise. Thanks for the help guys. Regards, Kees
  6. Hello, I cannot seem to enable the cgiemail script on my website. Is there still a security issue with it, or am I doing something really stupid? All I do is click on the cgiemail link in cpanel, but it comes up with the following message: Anyone have any ideas? kees
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