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  1. Thanks for doing this Bill. This makes tons of sense to have your forums on a separate entity away from your Michigan

    server farm. The fast response on a holiday to the hacking of TCH servers was fantastic. This is why I have been with TCH

    for over 9 years.


  2. Hi everyone,

    This may seem a dumb question...have the recent attempts to flood TCH with dos attacks ever been traced to the guys doing this or is this a case where hackers have taken over thousands of computers and launched the attack by infesting unsuspecting users world wide?

    Also why pick on TCH? Is this some game with these guys? It should be a criminal offense with heavy fines for people screwing up the public internet.

    Just a curious question or two...


  3. You should really look into how to back up that hidden partition where the OS resides. Look on your manufacturers web site for instructions on how to do this. You could also google for the HOW TO also. If you have a hard drive failure you will not be able to restore your laptop unless you have disks with the OS on them.

    Your personal data should be backed up if you are not doing so now (thumb drives are really cheap now)


  4. Does it beat XP? I have been running Windows 7 for about 5 months now and last weekend received the final version. In my opinion there is no need to rush out and buy it. Sure there are some features that are cool but really most people are using their computers to access the internet and both do that well. XP is stable. Microsoft says that they will continue to provide XP updates until April 2014.

    Yes it seems faster than XP for now but who knows how Win 7 will be after 8 years of updates and bloat from service packs. I would say if XP is working fine for you, there is no real need to upgrade. Once you open a browser, you really don't notice the OS.

    Does it beat XP? Yes, but nothing earth shattering IMO.


  5. Hi Everyone,

    I installed windows 7 and forgot to write down the Firefox add-ons I had installed. The one I am looking for would automatically load the next page on certain sites like google or ebay. So instead of clicking "next" page it would automatically load the next page so that when you scrolled to the bottom of the 1st page the add-on would let you see the next page below the 1st page.

    If anyone knows the name would you let me know so that I can put it back into FF.

    Thanks, youneverknow

  6. You are seeing what I am seeing. What old content are you talking about? I don't see the pinned topics in your screen shot though.



    The pinned topics are just above and I do see them. I am talking about the post "TCH Outage" dated in May and ending with a post dated November 26 2008. Sorry about the poor screenshhot but I have my resoultion set for big.

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