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  1. What else more can be said... Except that I have been an ASP convert for years now (hobby), until 2 weeks ago when I wanted to develop some dynamic pages for my site which was generously hosted by a friend. His Server is of course (LINUX + Apache + php + php-txt-DB, no MySQL and no ASP components whatsoever... The only option left to me was to get my hand dirty with php which I have, for some stupid reasons, always avoided like the plague... Now after discovering that it would be cool to have some access to MySQL too I decided to find a real hosting company (I believe that you all have guessed which one I found ) But guess what... my hand are cleaner than ever... as php is actually extremely approachable... doing a DB connection has never been easier (don't want to rave about the amount of time wasted trying to connect to DBs with ASP and the dreaded 8005 error etc) The php manual is probably the only manual I have come accross in my entire computing life (25 years) which is well written, well organised and extremly rich with details from all sort of sources - in 3-4 words, really easy to read... The error reporting system is also so good and precise that it makes development real easy... And last but not least, a good indicator that PHP is the very leader in its field, is to look at the amount of available ressources available. This says it all to me. Just as an example, on www.hotscripts.com php = 7288 ressources against 2833 for ASP Anyway, If you can and only if you can, don't even bother waisting your time with ASP, this will lock you into oblivion... Instead, have fun and open the door to dynamic heaven by using php. Like TCH, Open Source Rocks I am sorry for such a long post but I thought I had to say it...
  2. Hello, I am just new here but here are what I have discovered (please all the gurus out there correct me if I am wrong ) If logged in the cPanel, clicking on the WebMail link and choosing the SquirrelMail option, you will be sent directly to the Main mail account of your domain. This I believe (do not require a login as it uses the same as your cPanel) Now if you need to do some admin on any of your accounts, just go to the Manage Accounts section. There you will see a list of all the available accounts (including the main account) with options to change their configs, read their content etc... Clicking on the Read Webmail option for an acount will ask you for the Username + Pass for that account... then choose a SquirrelMail and there you are... "But this is still only accessible from the cPanel I hear you say"... OK then, here is the last otion I know of, (this will work for anybody having an mail account on your domain) Open your web browser, type: http://yourdomain.xxx/sqmail then on the login page enter your username (something@yourdomain.xxx) and password... and here you are... Hope this help!! Cheers!!
  3. Actually to makes things even easier I have dicovered a FrontPage section in the cPanel under: Site Management/FrontPage This will allow you to get rid of the FP extensions (and all the weirdy folders) with a simple click of a button... when done you can still put them back, still with a simple click of a button... But as Jimuni said... do a backup first...
  4. This link is probably a secret to no one but just in case... have a look here http://www.hotscripts.com/PHP/Tips_and_Tut..._PHP/index.html there you will find all sort of tutorials, from beginners to advanced, as well as zillions of cool snippets/examples. Hope this help!!...
  5. Ooops sorry to be a pain, but I do not seem to be able to access all the relevant info for server 40 on the TCH help page as it is not listed in the popup lists... (list goes only from 4 to 38)
  6. yepeeeh!! thank you for this Rickvz... I can see it know...
  7. Feel free to move this message if it is in the wrong forum... After scouring all of them, I thought this place was probably the most fail safe Just by curiosity, I would love to know which server is hosting/running my site? Here is my IP Thanks in advance
  8. Thanks Jimuni for your swift answer... Exactly what I suspected but wanted to make sure, just in case... Off they go then... Cool...
  9. Hello, (please bare with me if I am not in the right Forum - thanks for your comprehension) I am curious to know more about the_vti_* and the _private folders as I have the feeling they might be cluttering my public_html folder for no good reason in a FrontPage extensions free future website, any light on these greatly apreciated. - Are these folders necessary or are they, only and only, dedicated to FrontPage and bots users? - Is there any components provided on the cPanel which need to have these folders available to work properly? - If none of the above, can they be removed safely with no side effect? - Last but not least, if they can be deleted, can I restore and reinstall them from a backup in case I need/want to use FrontPage or one of its extension in the future (unlikely but who knows)... Thanks in advance for your time. Cheers!!
  10. Gone (il est "parti" -pronounce party- in French means he is "gone")
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