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  1. Hello Lisa, Aticka.com has now opened its door to the public and would love to be added to the family. URL: http://www.Aticka.com Name: Aticka.com Description: is a UK based Company producing a selection of high quality 3D period furniture and decorative models . These models have all been crafted with virtual environments in mind and have all been created from scratch from original furniture. Type: Commercial TCH Link location: Link @ bottom of home page + Banner added to the random list. Thanks in advance.
  2. Wow thank you for this little subdomain introductory course, I must admit that in my mind subdomains have always been synonyms to misteries Not anymore though and thanks to you all as already triggered a few ideas which are going to help me tremendously!! Thumbs Up
  3. SmartFTP anytime, it is free, easy to use and full of handy features Thumbs Up
  4. No Rob, you are not going to get rid off me that easily I am quite happy here and anyway another family like this one huuum pretty hard to find Thank you for your quick answers
  5. Hello, Being in the process of finalising the Aticka.com e-shop and looking into the SSL side of things (total noob about it ), a few questions came to mind for which I couldn't find precise answers/details in the forums (Didn't do a real deep dive though, therefore accept my apologise if these have already been answered before) 1- What type of certificates are sold thru TCH, are they 40 bits or 128 bits certificates? 2- How long does it normaly takes, from the day of order for a certificate (assuming that all necessary details have been provided) to be processed and/or accepted? 3- How long does it takes TCH to install and host a newly accepted certificate? 4- Assuming that I decide to go ahead and purchase my own certificate for Aticka.com, while waiting for this certificate to be produced I think I read somewhere that I could request to use the shared TCH SSL facility. If this is OK, is there a minimum period of use for this shared certificate? And if yes, how short is it? Thanks in advance. BTW thanks for offering such a good deal on SSL certificates, I nearly fell-of my chair when I saw the prices displayed by Verysign here in the UK!! Anyhow once more Rock Sign
  6. smith (locksmith - Tq Rob... actually yes pretty long time but back now!! )
  7. and... Reggae (huuum seems that we have all the right ingredients for a nice party )
  8. Woowowoow I am lost for words, speechless and bewildered... This is a the best gift ever. Special thanks to you Bill as well as to all of you at TCH as you must probably be working after hours to make this possible in due time. Long live TCH !! Rock Sign BTW still can't believe it!! Thumbs Up
  9. @Lianna, Please do, as it is possible that I consider buying CSB myself... Somehow I'd rather do it thru TCH if it does becomes available!! Thanks you again for your feedback!!
  10. Hehe Lianna yep I knew that Still this should fit into bonsaimule requirements as from what I could gather Bonsaimule is not looking only for freeware solution Anyhow thanks for highlighting the fact To make thing even greater, it seems that TCH is also a CSB licensed retailer and there was some noises that TCH members will be able to purchase it at reduced price (as per say/hinted by Head Guru) Any input on this would be greatly apreciated as I couldn't find anything regarding this on the TCH web site or forum since August this year
  11. Bonsaimule, I think that CuteSite Builder could well be what you are looking for... I have never used it myself but I know that a few TCH Family members have. To make matter even more exciting you will find some interesting threads regarding this product on TCH's own CuteSite Builder Forum.... Thumbs Up Hope this help!
  12. on my dev PC (IE): http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/default.asp as this offer me all the necessary stuff on hand to any questions I could have regarding my dev experiments. And on my RT Station (IE): Blank page, with a set of very useful links, on the link bar, to the TCH forum, TCH Help, my cPanel, and a few other forums favourite (Q3D + Grand Marnier and the home page of my 2 web sites etc...) this allow me to choose what I want to browse first depending on mood or urgencies Also on both Machines, I have the Google bar which gives me instant access to all my queries as well as, amongs other goodies, locking most of all those annoying popups...
  13. chain Lol actually one of my favorite show as well... so hilarious...
  14. Always glad to contribute and help to the extent of my knowlwdge
  15. clip (we are two then )
  16. white (Thanks jslagle, I actually find it really refreshing )
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