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  1. I was wondering if it is possible to put the amount of total "visitors" to my site from when it was first started, on my web page? Thank you Steve
  2. I am not sure where to ask this question, but here goes. If I go to internet explorer and type in "reiki brisbane" to see where I am listed (in yahoo) my site is listed as: Untitled Document acupressure: the skeletal structure of Tricia's massage, this Chinese medicine technique utilizes the same points as acupuncture stimulated with thumb pressure to open blocked energy meridians and balance excessive energy flows. In order to ... www.reiki-seichim-masters-australia.com - 18k - Cached - More pages from this site - Save My title is not there, and the description is not mine, though the link goes to my site?
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    The links I had on my index page were lints to names and details(listed on the page by town) With links to me (like you described) does it matter if they are on my index page or on my links page, or as long as they are on my site it they will be picked up. Also is there a program that will tell me how many links a site has?
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    Recently because of circumstances beyond my control I have had to change my index page. Previously I ran free listings for other people and had over 300 listings on my index page which seamed to give my page a very high ranking. Now without those listings the traffic ti my index page has cone to 20% of what it was. Can anyone offer me some suggestions as to what I need to do to get back where I was. http://www.reiki-seichim-masters-australia.com
  5. Thank you everyone for your suggestions for my site http://www.reiki-seichim-masters-australia.com I will start working on them straight away. I have 2 more questions. 1. In my previouse posting I asked about increasing my ranking for "reiki" where I have a low ranking, but under "reiki australia" I have a good ranking. So if I implement these changes (discussed in my previous post) is there any chance that that will lower my ranking. 2. And if it wont lower my ranking when i change my index pages content and tags etc, what is giving me my high ranking. I always thought it was the amount of times the key words were on the index page. Thanks for all your help Steve
  6. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can increase the ratings on my site under the search engine listing of "reiki" http://www.reiki-seichim-masters-australia.com Thanks Steve
  7. My site is http://www.reiki-seichim-masters-australia.com/. and I would like any suggestions that would help me to raise my listing using the title "reiki" in both yahoo and google. At the moment if I put in "reiki australia" i have quite a high listing, but when I just put in "reiki" my listing is much lower. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Steve
  8. At the moment I have a high ranking in yahoo, and was thinking of redoing the index page to cut down the content. How important is the content in regards to rating? Are links the main thing that get you rating and it doesnt matter about content. Does the content have anything to do with people finding you when searching or is this mainly the tags. Sorry if these are stupid questions but this is my first site and have been strugling for the last year to get a rating and dont want to loose it because of my lack of knowledge. I keep doing the suggestions that have been give my on this forum which have helped greatly, thanks everyone, but now that I want to change the index page content completly, I am worried I may loose my rating. Thanks Steve
  9. I would like some advise on my meta tags for http://www.reiki-seichim-masters-australia.com. Are my keywords too long, as I have been told that people can get red flaged (how do you know if you have been red flaged) and if so what do I need to do. Are there any other tage that I need to add. Thanks Steve
  10. I need an email form where people can send in there details to join, but the form has to be so that it can not be scanned for emails. Please reply in simple terms as I am a newby to all this. Thanks Steve
  11. HI, Ineed some advise on speeding up the loading time for my index page http://www.reiki-seichim-masters-australia.com . I have been told that css can help. At the moment I have a high listing on google and yahoo and dont want to loose this. Can anyone help with css or make any other suggestions. I would like to put more information on the index page but as it is I my download time is high. HELP. Also if you have any suggestions please tell me step by step as I am self taught and this is my first web page, so I am not up with all the web jargen. steve
  12. Yes, I can wait. Thank you for looking at my problem. Will wait for your reply. Thanks Steve Rock Sign
  13. Basicly I am using javascript to load a small window for each of the links. I have been told that it will speed my index page up? I m trying to speed the load time up. http://www.reiki-seichim-masters-australia.com Rock Sign
  14. My site is http://www.reiki-seichim-masters-australia.com. I have been told that if I use css instead of javascript it reduce my load time. If this is true, can anyone help me with this. I am a newby so please give me step by step instructions. For the links on my page I would like to retain there appearance and the window size that they open. Any other suggestions to reduce load time would be greatly appreciated. Steve
  15. Thank you Jim, Can you also tell me how important load speed is. If say, I have a good rating in yahoo, but my load speed is around 17sec should I still try and reduce it. steve
  16. I am very confused. my site http://www.reiki-seichim-masters-australia.com used to have a top rating under REIKI AUSTRALIA in yahoo. Two things happened. My site was off line for a week (Due to problems with renewing hosting) and I removed a lot off the index page to try and get a quicker load up time. My site has now dropped down to 21st spot. Which one of these would be the most likely reason for thia massive drop. I have reverted back to my original index page now. What is the most important in regards to listing? metatags, content (text on page) or loading speed? Very confused Steve Rock Sign
  17. Thanks Casey, Another question, and pardon my ignorance, but I am very new to all this. Where do I place this css Steve
  18. Hi My site is http://www.reiki-seichim-masters-australia.com and I am trying to reduce the loding time for the site. In another section (see below)I was given this great advice which I am implimenting. Can someone suggest to this newby (me) a css to make them still look the same, Large and then small text for the towns. And if possible keep the small window size that the towns pop up in. Thanks Steve -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Hi Steve. First, moving the towns would affect your search engine rankings for anyone seeking reiki in that town. Someone searching for "reiki Capalaba" would find your Queensland page eventually but the optimizations and link popularity you have built for your main page would not help out in that search. You can make your page a lot smaller by getting rid of the "heavy" javascript links. For instance, change: CODE <a href="java script:;" onClick="MM_openBrWindow('htm/vic_reiki_knoxfield.htm','','width=450,height=226')">KNOXFIELD</a> </strong><font size="1"><em> - Reiki</em></font><strong><br> to CODE <a href="htm/vic_reiki_knoxfield.htm">KNOXFIELD</a><em> - Reiki</em> and it would not require javascript on the end user's computer. If you needed formatting you could use CSS to make all <a> tags look a certain way and it would be written only once, not for every link. Check out the CSS and post in the apprpriate forums if you need help on it.)
  19. I would link to know if any backlink is good for a site, or are only backlinks with equal or higher rating only benificial. Thanks Steve
  20. steve1

    Blogs ?

    I keep hearing about BLOGS. What are they, and are they of any benifit to ones site ratings. Thanks Steve Rock Sign
  21. steve1

    Email Form

    Thank you for your help steve. I will try the programs that you recomended. Steve1
  22. steve1

    Email Form

    Hi, I have used dreamweaver to do my web site and was wondering if anyone could tell me how I could make an email form for people to subscribe to me site by clicking on a button, which would bring up a form with the information i require from them and the form could be emailed to me with all the information.
  23. Thank you for your help, it gets very confusing as a newby, its hard enough learning to make a web site without trying to work out search engine ratings. I have two more questions. (1) When looking for backlinks does it make a difference where the site places there links. eg. is it better to have backlinks with sites that put links on there front page, rather than a links page. And is it better to have a backlink on a higher rating site your own. (2) In google search. if I again put in "reiki australia" what makes a single page like this get 1st listing http://www.innerjourneys.com.au/reiki-project.htm . Sorry if this is a stupid question, but it doesnt have anything that ive read that will help a person to get a higher rating. Mad!!! Steve
  24. Could you please explain backlinks to this newby? Steve
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