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  1. Yea, they were able to get me a copy pretty quickly once the support ticket was put in. I never use the ACP. I prefer to use the tools in cpanel for things like this.
  2. On my site I run a phpbb3 forum. The database is about 1025mb in size (350,000+ posts). No matter how I try to pull a backup it only ends up being no larger than about 225mb and is missing a ton of data (typically mid phpbb3_posts table and on). Am I doing something wrong? Is the DB too large for a conventional backup?
  3. hahaha... that was so simple, and right in fornt of me too. That was it. Working great now. Thanx!
  4. Intersting... I found out that in the remote database access hosts settings I can get it to work by adding %.net. If I go any closer to the actual domain name though, or should I say put anything in front of the ".net" other than the % the connection will fail.
  5. Not sure if this is more a hosting thing, or a phpbb thing, but here goes... I have site xxx.com here, and xxx.net elsewhere. What I want to do is to have the phpbb file on xxx.net point to a backup db I have here on my xxx.com account. (follow so far?) Here is what I have tried so far.... and here is what I get back on my site... Do I have the remote sql information wrong here? Or is there something going on with the other site that tries to link back here? I have added the xxx.net site to the list of approved remtoe SQL sites already in both the xxx.net and www.xxx.net formats. any help would be appreciated.
  6. Submitted a ticket and it's already fixed. You were right. Great service. Thumbs Up
  7. Here's the deal: I setup a simple ftp account for one user to access a single folder on the site for updateing a webpage. I tested it out and everything worked great so I sent the info to the user. Now, a few weeks later, they sent me a message saying they couldn't get in. So I tried it myself and they were right, it didn't work now. So I went into cpanel to check out the account. What I found was real strange. Here is what I found: I recreated the account that was not listed and I was then able to successfully log in with it. After logging in with it I went back to checkout the meesed up account that I did find (changed the name in the above quote, but it is labeld similar). The new account still wasn't listed, but it worked. The messed up account (listed above) can't be deleted either. I was able to change the password but that was it. The folder it referneces doesn't even exist. I remember from before that the accounts were listed correctly when I first set them up. Anyone have any ideas on this?
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