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  1. I have just received an email from TCH to say that it is a bug with cpanel and they are in the prcoess of upgrading all their servers. Should be sorted in a couple of hours. Time - 10.55am GMT.
  2. The problem is still not resolved. I got a message to say it was a bit 'tired' and had a restart - how much sleep does it need!!
  3. Thanks Rick. I have done that.
  4. Hi I am having problems with loggin onto my cpanel - it keeps coming up with a 404 error. I know the server cant have gone down as I can bring my site up and other people are able to see my site. I havent had this before and am well miffed! I am using the same PC that I normally use to access it and have been able to access it earlier on today (about 2 hours ago). I have been trying for over 30 mins but no joy. Any ideas? Thanks in advance
  5. Should I include username and password information? Or just my current url? Should I give my password stuff out?
  6. Hi I have three domain names of which 1 is finally a live site. I bought all three names at one with the intention of completing my main site and then having the other two pointing at it somehow! This is where I come unstuck! My host is obviously TCH, and I bought my names through Go Daddy and UK Net Names (or something like that!) How do I get my go daddy name to go to my site on TCH rather than Go Daddy when (and if) someone enters it directly? Does that make sense? Go Daddy are asking for custom name servers. What the flippin heck are they? Sorry - am just not technical - no wonder it took months to configure my site!! I would appreciate any help. (I have seen other similar threads but just dont understand what everyone is on about) Thanks in advance
  7. Blimey!! You are a star!! I thought I had messed up in a big way! That is exactly what the problem was! Thank you so much Chadf. Sorted!!! Naughty
  8. Can anyone help me with the following error messages working with OS Commerce? Warning: session_start(): Cannot send session cookie - headers already sent by (output started at /jhjhhjk/?*?*/jlkjlj/includes/filenames.php:70) in /jhjhhjk/?*?*/jlkjlj/includes/functions/sessions.php on line 67 Warning: session_start(): Cannot send session cache limiter - headers already sent (output started at /jhjhhjk/?*?*/jlkjlj/filenames.php:70) in jhjhhjk/?*?*/jlkjlj/includes/functions/sessions.php on line 67 Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at jhjhhjk/?*?*/jlkjlj//includes/filenames.php:70) in /jhjhhjk/?*?*/jlkjlj//functions/general.php on line 29 Much appreciated!!!
  9. Rob, I wonder if you can give me a couple of pointers for the installation of OS Commerce? I have uploaded and unzipped it all but from here I am not quite sure what to do. I know that I have to create the datebase and all that but am not sure how it works (with out sounding stupid!) Obviously I have configured it all at home but I need to start again for my server settings to be correct and then do swappsies etc! I had installed MYSQL at home, followed by Apache, then PHP and finally OS commerce. Do you get my drift? :-) Appreciate your help if you have any pointers. Ange PS - Your site looks cool! I think OS commerce is a great online shopping cart!
  10. I got it done! Not able to go through a proxy server!
  11. Hi I joined TCH only a few days ago and am just about to get cracking on my stuff! First problem - I can get my folders uploaded to the cpanel!! Not a good start. Am trying to upload an un-zipped OS commerce in order to begin my online configuration and I just cant seem to get connected. Can anyone help as I am new to all this. Configuration on my home PC has been the easy bit as far as I am concerned. In order to get help - what info should I give?? (Soz!!)
  12. Thanks. Signed up, sorted and checking mail every 20 seconds. Its exciting now!!
  13. OK! I think I am your newest customer!! Look forward to doing business! Thumbs Up
  14. Hmmm. I am not sure about all these version numbers!! I have been configuring OS Commerce/Apache/PHP on my PC at home - Perhaps I should be doing it all on line? If I go and upload everything that I have, all these versions will conflict wont they? The other thing I meant to ask is do you have a minimum contract term? (I wouldnt have thought so in this cut throat business!!) Thanks for your help Mike
  15. Hello. I am thinking of using TCH as my web hosting (having trawled for several hours). I have a couple of questions before I sign! 1 - Does OS Commerce operate with TCH? 2 - I am using Apache V2. Is this supported? 3 - I am using PHP version - is this also supported? 4 - I am very new to all this and would probably need some good info on how to get everything in the right places! Do you have help areas/documentation to help me do this!! 5 - When I eventually figure out how to upload my site I obviously need to give it some live testing - is this a problem? 6 - I have already purchased my domains, do I have to pay the $10.95 to get them transferred to you or do I stay with who I am with (UK Reg and GoDaddy)? Thanks in advance for your help Angie
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