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  1. While I have had Total Choice for years. I have a client that I am trying to bring over. He would be paying for the service and both us would administer the site. How should we set that up so both of us know what is going on with the site?
  2. I have been with TotalChoice for years now and at one time was managing 3 sites, now down to one. For the last year I have been managing a site for a local campground that is hosted by a different hosting provider. At 3 different time over the last year my client has forwarded me emails from the provider stating a high amount of CPU usage that the site is draining from the server. The ironic thing is that I am and was using GetSimple CMS on both sites. With the site hosted on TotalChoice, no problems what so ever, maybe a little slow page loading but that could be theme design. When I started having problems with the other provider I made the site all html static pages and that solved the issue, but when I try a CMS program is when the trouble starts. I am in the process of trying to work with their support, so far its all been tech stuff I have no clue what it means. I am trying to figure it out but my knowledge is limited when it comes to the tech stuff. Has anyone had a problem like this before? Where would I start to look to solve high CPU usage or is it out of my hands? Thanks in advance.
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