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  1. Will the quarantined emails be viewable in an IMAP folder via a regular email client (Apple Mail.app, Thunderbird, Outlook, etc)?
  2. My sites are back, phew.
  3. Thx for sharing that, kf4zmt. I wonder if any of the (now) 4 forum admins currently here can add anything.
  4. Not just your site (I could not access mine, and still can't) but totalchoicehosting.com seemed to be down as well. Major reboot? The weather? An update from someone in-the-know would be reassuring to say the least).
  5. Thanks for the greeting! I'm actually an "old" customer but haven't posted since you migrated to this forum software until today.
  6. NOTE: Not sure if this helps but shen I do an email address trace via each of our cPanels, it does so in one step with the first three parts of the IP the same and only the last number different - which I assume to represent different severs on the same host, right?
  7. I set up a friend with a TCH account a bit over 72 hours ago and though it seems that everything else is working properly, they do not receive email sent from my email (on a separate TCH hosted domain) and I do not receive theirs - all other email gets through. Instead we get the "Warning: message XXXXXX-XXXXXX-xx delayed 24 hours" email, with the X's consisting of a message ID. Russ
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