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  1. I registered a new domain name last night with godaddy. It resolved/propagated tonight (about 20 hours later - about normal).


    I go into my horde e-mail for the first time - and already there are five spam messages. My new domain name is rather obscure. The only thing I can figure - spammers are crawling the whois database everyday.


    I sent some test messages to my new account, and it appears almost anything goes through (without bouncing). That is, I tried variations of anything@newaccont.com and it doesn't bounce - it goes into my inbox.


    Yet, I posted another similar thread in this forum a few nights ago about a different account. On that account, nothing seems to be going through (always bounced) until I first set up and account where I defined the e-mail address. So now, I'm really confused as to what will - and won't work on new e-mail accounts - until we set them up. I just sent another test message to anything@the-other-account, and it still bounces. Whats the difference between the two accounts? They are both under the same reseller account. Why is one accepting anything before the @ symbol and the other account rejecting anything before the @ symbol - (unless I've specifically set it up)????



  2. I've never used my webmail accounts, because I've never needed them. Tonight I started playing around with Horde mail. Seems simple enough.


    But, does all incoming mail bounce back if I haven't added any accounts - or previously accessed my mail account? What bugs me - there is one spam message in my inbox. It's addressed to "info" for my account. If I try to e-mail (from another account), to "info", it bounces as though it doesn't exist. So I can't figure what address the spam message was mailed to - that would work.


    If I compose a message from my webmail inbox and send it somewhere, and then reply - it bounces back. The reply e-mail address for Horde uses my username for the account. But mailing "username@mysite.com" bounces back as well.


    Yes, I could easily set up an account - I just can't figure out if there is a default account already in place - and what the actual address is - and how the spam message got there.



  3. Typically, over several months, I've found that large files on my TCH websites download at roughly 75% of the fastest speed I can get on my Comcast connection. This holds true whether I use my computer - or my T1 connection on my computer at work. My fastest speed via Comcast is now 400Kb/sec. Files on my tch webwite download at about 300Kb/sec.


    In all fairness to TCH, the 300KB/sec seems a little faster than the "average" website.


    I've only run across a couple of websites where I can download at the fastest my Comcast account will allow.


    Even downloading files on Microsoft.com is almost always slower than 300Kb/sec.


    So, my unscientific educated-guess perception is - TCH is not the fastest, but is above average.


    As long as the speed on TCH is typical or above average, it's not an issue with me.

  4. Na, I will live with it - just threw me at first. It almost appeared like Cpanel 6 didn't have as much stuff in it. Once I poked around, I see it does.


    My preference it the non-icon version (X), since I can see everything at once - and not have to guess what's under the various menus in 6.

  5. I had Cpanel X with my hosting accounts, now I have Cpanel 6 with my reseller account. Didn't know what the difference was, so I poked around the internet and this forum’s archives - and came to the conclusion that . . . .


    The two different versions are just different "themes".


    They are not selectable by me.


    There are determined by TCH.


    They both have identical capabilities.


    Is my understanding correct? If so, just wondering why TCH uses two different themes?

  6. When I see "parking" a domain on top of another discussed around here, it apparently means that you want an unhosted domain name to forward to the hosted domain name (I've never done this myself). And apparently this is done through Cpanel.


    What is the advantage of doing this - vs - simply forwarding the domain name at the registrar level (which is how I've always done it).


    I think what threw me at first about "parking" (as it's used here) is that I traditionally thought of it as:


    "Domain Name Parking means we will host your domain name with a 'coming soon' web page." (definition from google search).

  7. I was playing around with different fonts on Front Page. A queston occurred to me . .


    If I use a rather obscure font on my website that isn't installed on the computer of the person viewing the website, will they see that font - or will it default to something else?



  8. Yep, another godaddy customer here. Have about 20 domains through them, all registered privately through their partner - domains by proxy.


    Godaddy's control panel is pretty easy to use.


    Three of the domains are hosted here.


    The prices at TCH are so reasonable, one of my sites is nothing more than a test site I use for practice when I want to try someting new.

  9. My site is regularly being pinged by Internetseer.com, specifically it shows up in my stats as:




    They monitor websites for up-time. Never heard of them before now, and don’t have an account with them.


    Was wondering if this is something TCH uses? If TCH doesn’t use this, any speculation why they would monitor my site?

  10. Bohatir,


    Are you familiar with the Microsoft Newsgroups? Messages in the Frontpage newsgroup are regularly answered by someone from Microsoft. I've found it to be a pretty good resource over the years - and not just for Frontpage.




    Concering Frontpage galleries, here's a link that was recently posted on that newsgroup that might be of some help - helps explain why you are having problems:


    Frontpage Gallery Help


    I understand not wanting to change from Frontpage. I've gone through three upgrades myself, am comfortable with it - and don't want to spend $350 for Dreamweaver. Although I suppose I would if I had large complicated websites.


    TCH also offers a gallery - if the instructions don't scare you off:


    TCH Gallery Info



  11. Tonight I went into Cpanel and used the hotlink protection function - for the first time. I only disallowed one file type "rtf". I then tested the hotlink function from another site, and it all works OK.


    Unfortunately, it seems that if anything is hotlink protected, the Frontpage "publish" function won't work. This was repeatable. If I turned hotlink protection "on", the publish function can't connect - and informs me I should contact my ISP provider and verify the extensions are installed. As soon as I turn hotlink protection "off", the publish function works just fine. This scenario was repeatable three times in a row - even though the file I protected is a file that I've told Frontpage not to publish.


    Not asking for any help, I just suspect that's the way it is. My stand-alone FTP program still connects just fine with hotlink enabled. But there's something about the publish function in Frontpage that causes the server to interpret it as an outside request for a hotlink - I think. Of course the publish function is connecting via http, not ftp.


    If there is a way around this - or I'm missing something, let me know.



  12. OK, now I get. I could have made my thanks page in Frontpage and then saved it as "thanks.php". I didn't realize a browser would recognize that extension - and didn't realize it was interchangeable with the htm extension.


    I had uploaded a thanks.htm page and didn't understand why it didn't work with thanks.php in the script. But this was my first ever intro to dealing with php.


    The light in my head is getting brighter.



  13. Hi Deverill,


    Just wondering if you view your church site with more than one browser?


    Hope you don't mind, but I noticed a couple of issues with the home page:


    (1) In IE 5.5, there is a large space at the left of each page. This causes a scroll bar to appear at the bottom, and I have to scroll to the right to see all the page. This occurred on everypage I visitied.


    (2) In Netscape 4.7, there is text on the right that cuts right through the middle of a photo. What's strange, is that this photo doesn't even appear on the home page when viewing it with IE. Since I can only see part of the photo with Netscape, it appears to be one of the Guatemala photos.




    (3)When I try to view the Guatemala photos using IE or Netscape, I can't. I get the message:


    "Warning: mkdir(thumb): Permission denied in /home/cwc/public_html/MissionTrips/Guatemala2003/ChildrensOutreach/index.php on line 1602

    Error: Could not create thumb dir - check write permissions"




  14. Just spent about two hours, but finally got it to work. The only part of the code that through me was this part:

    $redirect = "http://www.mysite.com/thanks.php";


    I now see it needs to be "thanks.htm", or it wouldn't work.


    Getting the form to post properly while using Frontpage 2002 (without editing html directly) took some experimenting, but here's how I did it:


    Under form properties (while your web is open live), check "send to other". Leave "Form name" and "Target frame" blank. Instead, select "options", then enter path to script under "action". In other words, the action field would show something like: phpbin/sendit.php.


    I also added an index file to the phpbin folder, so people can't browse directly to that folder.


    Thanks to surefire for some pretty decent directions.


  15. Well, you will need to give a little more detail on the problems your having.


    In general though, you’re not going to be able to produce something like those e-bay websites - at least in the beginning. Those were most likely designed by professionals – and involve some advanced code behind the pages. If you really want to learn how to build a website and get it online, - think simple - and small in the beginning.


    I remember my first webpage a few years ago. It only said "test". But I got a rush out of it. May I suggest you do the same thing for now. Get a page very simple page published first, even if it only has one word in it. Then add to it gradually. One step at a time.


    I use Frontpage, which will likely frustrate a beginner. I did download CuteSight last week and played around with it. It's pretty much designed around the wizards and templates - which can be a little limiting if you want total control over your webpages. That's not a bad thing - as this program is one of the easier ways to get started. Might even have used it myself - if it had been available a few years ago.



  16. Hmm, I had the same problem this week. Signed up for an account Tuesday night. Within an hour I recieved two confirmations about payment. But 36 hour later, I had no e-mail with the account info (username and password).


    I turned in a help ticket this morning - and included the payment confirmation e-mails. TCH e-mailed me the account info I needed withint two hours.


    My experience so far - tch responds quickly when something goes wrong, and they have the necessary info. Hang in there.



  17. Well, seemed pretty well laid out and easy to navigate. Couldn't find anything to complain about. The person who designed it knew what they were doing.


    I see that Surefire Web Design did this for you. If you feel the price they charge was worth it, then that's all that matters.



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