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  1. Ok, I have a old website that has been off the web for about a year. I contacted the old owner and have received permission to repost the site. the old owner does not have the html anylonger. I have found the site using a archive tool, so here is my question I their a tool in DW3 that I can use to go and harvest the old HTMP from the archived site and somehow reconstruct this site in DW so I can rebuild the site to keep the info on the web ? Thansk Rick
  2. So I have 2 registered domane names, and i want to be able to use 1 hosting package to host them both. Is this possible or do I need 2 seprate hosting packages, one for each domane name? If this is possible, can some one point me to the toturail on how to do it or get me going in the right direction ? Thanks Rick
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