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  1. Welp, turns out it was because the credit card was expired. Google things malicious software or other bad stuff is going on. Very no bueno. I'd prefer you somehow suspend an account for nonpayment in a way that doesn't send Google such sugnals, if possible.
  2. Also, I am trying to log into Cpanel but it's saying the information I am using is incorrect. I have not changed it in years and it is stored in a password vault software, so I am unable to access cPanel to check things out myself and try to fix this. I am currently no longer coming up on google search, which is no bueno :-(
  3. http://frederick-chiropractor.com/cgi-sys/suspendedpage.cgi I amgetting the following message upon accessing my site, and was alerted to this because Google Adwords suspended my campaign and emailed me about it: Temporarily Unavailable The site you are attempting to access is temporarily unavailable. If you are the site owner please contact your system administrator. As I have not recently updated the site (in at least a month) I am unsure if my Wordpress install is compromised or if it is a server-wide issue at TCH. I've ben a customer for probably a decade and havent had this issue before, not really sure the cause. Thanks for any advice I can get here in the forum. I am a working chiropractor so I will be unable to check the replies much today, but will do my best to get back on this later this evening to see what I should or could do. -Rob
  4. Alright first off apologies for three posts in a row on this thread. my wordpress is back working again, i think it was my cache plugin and the IP banning throwing me for a loop. After I ticked the "remember me?" box when logging into my WP dashboard now things are working normally as best i can tell. Thanks for the help guys. I love my hosting account at tch (I have a few diff sites up with you guys, never have any real issues)
  5. Just guessing here, but could my "business directory plugin" i use for wordpress be causing an interference with the force? Or some cache plugin or something? If so i can look into replacement plugins...
  6. Hey thanks guys. Why was my IP on banned list? I have been having sudden problems with my wordpress install, too, but I doubt thats connected. I will pass for now on the help ticket. I actually have been on this forum for about ten years, posting about once a year. Usually because I lost my password, lol. Anyway, I will try to find a way to repair my wordpress install without dashboard access and if you could lemme know what got my IP flagged that would be helpful. Thanks again for the welcome and the help.
  7. domain is frederick-health.com. i didnt want to submit a help ticket yet, but coulndt find anything on this forum about maintenance on the server. it started about mid afternoon yesterday.
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