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  1. I was just talking to someone on AIM who said they couldnt email me, I didnt believe them so I tried, and sure enough, the mail bounced back. So I checked in Cpanel, and all my mail forwarders are gone too! Ahh! It's not so much a pain restoring them all (there was only like 10), but I hope you plan on sending an email to everyone on that server letting them know of this possible issue... If I wasnt told who knows how long it would of been before I realized it, and who knows what I could of missed
  2. I just got a new job and they gave me that 7 Habits of Effectual People book to read... the Programming book they gave me isn't as dry. Well, it's a good way to fall asleep. One page and I'm out for the night... The only reason I'm trying to read it is so the referances the Simpsons make about this book will seem all the more humerous...
  3. Wow, cool. Thanks! I went through it and had it working without it since it was only a small change afterall. I use Forcetype for most of my url rewriting (for pseudo-static pages), but a couple I used that for.
  4. I have been having problems with my site over the last week or so (server 35), especially with 500 Internal Server Errors. I submitted a help ticket and got this back: "/home/site/public_html/.htaccess: Invalid command 'RewriteEngine', perhaps mis-spelled or defined by a module not included in the server configuration" Hmm, I haven't changed any configuration, or any way the site is setup really, in over a year. I never had any problems with using "RewriteEngine" before. Was something changed so we can no longer use this? I took it out and the site does seem to load now. D'oh! If we can't use it anymore I'm going to have to change how everything is setup, sigh./
  5. Yeah, it just depends on exactly what you want to do with the submitted info. If you only want to show it on the page right after they submitted the form, then there is no need for sessions (cookies). (The data will be in PHP's $_POST array that the page the form is sent to can use to print it out.) That Phorm script can do that for you. Only if you want to use that info for more than just that (on other pages) will you need something like sessions (which btw don't nessasarily have to use cookies to work).
  6. Wow... seems I'm the slow one around here. But yeah it works now, cool! Thanks a lot!
  7. According to PHP.net, the function imagettfbbox() is part of PHP 4+, but in a script I tried running, it said it was undefined. Am I missing anything? I was using it to generate an image on the fly for one of those anti-robotic image dealies (a script I found on Hotscripts by "Chuck Harmston"). It could be the script of course... I have no clue how this image stuff works in PHP, heh. Thanks!
  8. Heh, I could see how getting an email for EVERY 404 error could lead to a TON of email. Punks scaning for things like mail.pl alone will flood you. You can always go into awstats and check out a list of all 404 errors.
  9. registerfly.com charges I think $1 for whois privacy (per domain, per year), but the normal registration is a buck or two more than GoDaddy.
  10. Yes! No more parking in the middle of the street for me! Now someone just needs to come up with a forumla for making perfect doughnuts...
  11. So to summerize, you're saying it's possible to increase your sites PR by simply posting on message boards where you have the site's link in your sig/profile? Hmm, that seems a little odd.
  12. Ahh... Thanks for all the tips! I was helping a friend with his site and noticed he had all his links without the "index.php" and wasn't sure. I think I'll just tell him to add the "index.php" part just to be safe. Then maybe someday I'll get him to turn them info "static" urls...
  13. This is sort of an odd question... but in essance, is it "okay" (valid, acceptable, ect) to have your links like: ht*p://www.domain.com/?var1=x&var2=y Or is it better to always list it fully as: ht*p://www.domain.com/index.php?var1=x&var2=y Thanks!
  14. What about the awesome Gary Cherone days? Have we all forgotten about that week already? I wish I had...
  15. That's where you're wrong. I myself, never make a mistake. Yet my computer and stuff are always messing up. Hence the computer must of made a concious decision to screw with me...
  16. I know I did before I took out sid's.... And I say **** 'em! (hehe... cept I'm not kidding.. they can still read it, they just can't reply... thank god)
  17. Hmm, you know I never actually thought about that before... Brats vs. Brats. But obviously I meant giving "unruly" children the second degree. It's a tradition that dates back to the middle ages. So who am I to question it?
  18. I went to my first ball game of the year yesterday, and was treated to an amAAAAzing 18K performance from Ben Sheets. It was awesome. For us singles, going to game isn't that expense, but I can see how it can be for families... When you stop to think about it, the amount of money involved has changed things. The way the Brewers have been playing has helped though. (Sexton who?) Yet once you get out to the Park... grilling brats in the parking lot before the game... you quickly forget about it and just enjoy yourself. Just like Detroit fans better enjoy Alex Sanchez. It won't be long before he returns to his old way.....
  19. I have no clue what the "rank" of the site I have hosted here is, but I do know we get more visitors than we want! (heh) God knows how it happened, but if you do a search for "tupac" and "death" or "dead", the site is one for the first couple listed. At least it's providing us with entertainment. You wouldn't believe what some of these people have to say...
  20. I agree! Roller hockey on the other hand... only curling beats that.
  21. Wow.... I'll be darned. That's exactly what was happeneding. Sigh. I feel so stupid. ... Thanks!
  22. I installed phpBB via the control panel recently (www.nbrid.net/forums - it's still a work in progress:). And I can't seem to get the time to work right. I've set the default timezone to Eastern (-5) and it says as much on the forum list. But when you post, it posts still in GMT (0). Even odder, yesterday I thought it was working, but today again the time is off. (I'm on server 35 if that means anything.) I added a few small 'hacks' but nothing that should of affected the timezones. So anyone have any ideas? Thanks.
  23. No mail? D'oh! Well, that explains a lot.... I'm still lost, the WI primary is tomorrow, and I still don't know who to vote for... yeah... I'm so conflicted. That's the ticket.
  24. Yay! More "reality" TV! Yeah..... Wait, why is a hidden camera/prank show on ESPN2? MXC can be humerous. At first the added not so-perfect translation (heh) was great, but then it gets repetitive. But watching someone fall flat on their face never gets old.
  25. I have no clue. I do know though that there are 2592000 seconds in 30 days. (Yeah, I'm such a big help.)
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