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  1. Checking in again about the Php 5.3 upgrade. Any news?
  2. Any decision on the Php upgrade yet? Cheers! Joanne
  3. Thanks guys! In that case, I'll install it locally and start working on it in anticipation!
  4. Hello! We just got an announcement that there is an upgrade to our osCommerce shopping cart but requires Php 5.3 minimum to run. I see we are running 5.2.14. Any chance you'll be upgrading any time soon? Last post I saw on this upgrade was in April of last year. Thanks! Joanne
  5. Hi, I found a new shopping cart software that I wanted to try out, Spree, which runs on Ruby. can I install that here? Cheers, Joanne
  6. Thanks! I had just read the tutorial and implemented a few of the suggestions. I was just concerned - and annoyed
  7. I've been getting a lot of spam in the past week that's titled "Your Account is Suspended For Security Reasons" which is shown as sent from some name@my web address to my usual name@ my webaddress. What is this and how do I get rid of them? I just changed the default account as described in a previous post and I will take our linkable email address off our website. Is there anything else I need/or can do? They're driving me crazy! Thanks! Joanne
  8. Could someone please explain how the MySQL privilege system works so I can figure out how to connect and add data to my database. Thanks!
  9. I added both the wildcard and my IP address (just in case). Joanne
  10. I looked at that post and tried the serverx.totalchoicehosting.com as well as any other combination I could think of. Any other ideas? Joanne
  11. I'm trying to access mySQL database via Navicat to import data. I can;t seem to get anyof the settings correct. It wants: Host Name/IP address Port User Name Password I've used our web address, port 3306, the user name for the database & the password. I've also allowed access via MySQL account maintenance for the host. Any ideas? Thanks, Joanne
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