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  1. The caption under the poster says, "Sitting Duck"!
  2. Previous to redesigning my website, my pages were *.htm, but now they are *.html Some search engines are looking for my old pages that are the exact same except for the extension and can't find them. What should I do? I have FP 2000. Thanks.
  3. Can someone help? Every time I edit my pages, FP 2000 deletes the extra spaces I have. In the "Normal" view it shows the spaces but when I click on the "Privew" tab, or save the page and open it, the spaces are gone. What do I do? Eastside church of Christ
  4. Thanks for the help. I changed my pages the way you suggested except for the link back to my home page. Is that what a "backlink" is? If so I can put one on all of the pages but I don't see a need since my index is not really the main page. If it is just important for search engines to see but not for everyone else, could I just make the banner a link back to the mainpage? Thanks for your help + time.
  5. 1. Eastside Church Of Christ 2. Eastside church of Christ in Shortsville, New York 3. Church Of Christ 4. Link at bottom of page. 5. A “Rank Evaluation” would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
  6. I set up my email for my website but am not receiving any mail that I send to myself. The password and everything goes through when I check it, none of the messages come in. Can someone help with this? Thanks.
  7. I was told that there was a discussion awhile ago about keeping your computer from showing up on the AWStats. Can you tell me where I can find this discussion please? I couldn't find it anywhere. Thanks.
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