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  1. Having the same problem as StevenTing. I trust TCH will have this fixed in no time.
  2. My site is back up....but still cannot log into CPANEL. Organa
  3. TIGER-M@TE is back! Again so soon? Cannot log in to CPANEL this time.
  4. You guys are awesome. Not how you planned on spending your Memorial Day weekend I'm sure. Go ahead, Bill, have a Mountain Dew. You deserve one!
  5. Sorry for the confusion. Forms not forums. All is good; site seems to be working correctly. Thanks for all of your help.
  6. My contact forms are now working! Yay! Thank you!
  7. Thanks. Forms still aren't working. Will submit a ticket.
  8. Good to know. Thanks StevenTing.
  9. Is this directed to mycat2 only?
  10. My contact form is still not working. Still get - Could not instantiate mail function. error.
  11. My site is working, but my contact forms are not working either. I get "Could not instantiate mail function." when testing form.
  12. Thanks TCH for working so quickly on this. I hope organa is next on the list....
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