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  1. I've spoken with another hosting company and their service seem great and the rep I spoke with was friendly and knowledgeable. He gave me the information they need to migrate my web content and I decided to switch my email over to google apps because email is critical for our business. He said our site wouldn't take very much time or effort to move and quoted me $30 for migrating everything. He even said the switch would happen in minutes but It would take at least a day to get our site setup first before redirecting the domain. I wanted their basic shared plan since that's what he recommend for $9.95 a month, and if that didn't work for us we could move to a cloud server and figure out the resources our site requires. He even said he would setup an off site archive backup for us just in case and "because he likes me so much" haha. I found your site when trying to get back to Taylor (the rep I've worked with) and decided to look at the options here. I'll probably speak to Taylor about it but I was wondering if tch will do everything for us to and for about the same price. Other professional web services were WAY out of our budget and we'll be saving a lot moving to a new host. He said he would be able to install software for us for small fee's as well if they aren't part of X which is what they started using. If I have problems with software that isn't available through you can your support help me at all? Do you have off site backups incase there's a server problem or maintenance so we can get the site up again quickly? I like the idea of having support that responds the way they do when I'm used to hearing "no" or "we can't find anything wrong" So to paraphrase, can you handle the work for me and what would it cost? How's the support for 3rd party software or other hosting needs (we need a VPN or proxy to help with bandwidth and other reasons)