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  1. And the non-flash one (what my room actually looks like right now, no lights ):
  2. Here's mine, one shot with flash and other without... sorry for the blurry night one, just don't have a tripod to keep the camera still! Btw, this is a room in a frat house (Lambda Chi Alpha at Cornell University for the curious), so hence the use of some "different" decorations and objects :-D
  3. Thanks! Also, for anyone interested, the software running the survey/database in the background is PHPSurveyor: http://phpsurveyor.sourceforge.net/ Excellent program, easy to customize/hack if need be.
  4. Ok so for my entrepreneurship class at Cornell I’m on a team developing a new type of device that could be considered a hybrid pda/laptop/tablet pc. In order for us to effectively design the device, we need to get a better understanding of the market and what features should/not be included in the device. If you can take a few minutes and fill out our marketing survey http://www.cilon.com/survey/ that would be much appreciated! And who knows, if all goes well, this product may actually be developed and if it is, I’ll be sure to let you all in on the details and special discounts. Thanks!
  5. Well I finally switched from my old hosting to TCH and just want my site to be added to the family: link: http://www.cilon.com name: the website of ted serbinski description: All that is ted serbinski, including blog, resume, portfolio, and contact info. link back locatation: http://www.cilon.com/designbox.php Thanks! edit: fixed description
  6. If you are using CSS, try this: >#content { overflow: auto; } Examples of using overflow: http://hotwired.lycos.com/webmonkey/98/15/...a/overflow.html Hope that helps.
  7. Here are a few excellent resources on design/style: http://www.webstyleguide.com/ http://hotwired.lycos.com/webmonkey/98/34/....html?tw=design http://www.sheriftariq.org/design/
  8. Okay, I looked at the META keywords again and reduced the number to 13, only focusing on the most important keywords. Never really considered the fact that multiple keywords would have a diluting effect. Also, do you see any other problem areas that should I focus on for search engines, or should I be relatively good for now? Thanks for the help, appreciated
  9. Hi Onlinehelper, thanks for the reply! Looking over the two you sites you listed, I am a bit weary of actually following through with either of those sites. The reason being is that they seem like spam sites just collecting emails and offering little or no services at all. What caught my eye was the fact that they guaranteed top 10 results in search engines like Google and AOL, and they offered this for FREE, so long as you provided an email. In addition, the first site listed mentions posting a banner linking to their site on somewhere on your site. For achieving top placement in search engines, this is definetly not a good idea, and it just seems like clutter for any website. However, since I have not tried those sites, I cannot fully support my claim, however, the feeling I get from those sites is not the best one. In contrast, I have been using selfpromotion.com for a few years now and can attest that I have not received any spam from the site and that it does work well for what it offers (essentially submission to multiple search engines and a few tips). Does it work the best? Hard to say, but for the amount of time it requires (very little), it doesn't hurt to try (at least in my research, if anyone has any different opinions on this site, please post them). For more information on why certain SEO websites and companies might be good or bad, check out this great article: google.com/webmasters/seo.html(dsdemmin I removed the link for ya ) [edited by D. Scott Demmin; added direct link to Google Article, which is well worth reading... not promotional; I have qouted from this more then once within these forums. Thumbs Up ]
  10. Thanks! A lot more sites are starting to move to this tableless design coding technique. One of the bigger ones I know is wired.com, and another great sitve I've seen is adaptivepath.com. Checking out their source code you'll see even more tricks.
  11. Yup, new site, just went live a few days ago, so hence, no Google yet As for the body text issue, I've fixed that, and there is now body text. However, you might not see the body text, and this was done on purpose, and is not a spam technique. Essentially, if you view the source to the page, you will see the text there, in a nice format. If you do a "print preview" of the site, you will see the text, as you will also see it in NN4, Lynx, and other CSS-disabled browsers. Why did I choose to do this? To be consistent with my design and also be consistent with the latest table-less design techniques. The latest techniques choose to hide/show different information, depending on the browser, and I'm doing the same thing with my text. For browsers that support CSS and CSS-P, they get the nice layout, that speaks for itself. For browsers that don't, they get the text to help make the same statement. I hope this make senses, as I'm one highly against spam and related techniques, and if not, I can delve into more details. As for the keywords, I have 27 listed in descending importance. I did not think this was too many, how many do you recommend I cut this down to then? Thanks for the feedback, appreciated
  12. Changed the link, should be better now.
  13. Hi! May I ask why you guys are picky about what sites you direct link to? I didn't think these forums were accessible to bots. Anyways, I'm just curious because well, you can't learn if you don't ask questions And as for the pagerank, I just noticed that too. That is very interesting. As for submitting to the smaller search engines automatically, do you consider this a bad thing? I figure I can spend 15 min on this site and submit to a bunch of smaller search engines no problem, even if the amount of traffic that generates is only 1-2%. Then again, as more and more search engines start charging fees and disabling automatic submissions, maybe the above effort is done in vein. Thoughts?
  14. There is one neat, built-in function with PHP that will show you all kinds of variables with all of that info built in so you don't have to manually code it yourself. Type: >phpinfo(); and then view the page. From there you can scroll down and find the variable you need with the correct path info.
  15. www.selfpromotion.com Excellent site for submitting your site to various search engines. Tons of recommendations and help, highly recommended. Note, this site can't submit your site to all search engines, due to new policies and fees creeping into many search engines, but this is still nonetheless, a great way to get your site out there to some smaller sites to help boost traffic. [edited by D. Scott Demmin; removed direct link (left reference)]
  16. m3avrck


    When were you last using Mozilla? I mean with constant updates, I'm sure that problem you are having will be fixed soon enough. Small bugs in Firebird, like above, are the only thing keeping me from making Firebird my default browser. So I say give it some time and try it again this fall
  17. m3avrck


    Instead of Mozilla, why not try Firebird? http://www.mozilla.org/projects/firebird/ Eventually Mozilla is going to be phased out and all efforts are going to shift over to Firebird, which is the light weight version of Mozilla with the Gecko rendering engine. The browser is great and has a nice UI! And there is a nice web developer extension available at: http://chrispederick.myacen.com/work/fireb...d/webdeveloper/ Enjoy!
  18. Hi all! Just want to say I've been impressed with TCH so far and have actually started referring people. Anyways, I was wondering, does TCH have a referral program? If not, what about setting one up? Maybe for each referral of a basic account, the user could get one month hosting free, and for an advanced account, maybe 2 months? Or something similar? Just an idea.
  19. As for the simple website idea, there is already a similar, well known contest out there: The 5k challenge: http://www.the5k.org/ As for the scavenger hunt, I saw lots of posts about people being at disadvantages (I don't know how to make a great website, I don't know JavaScript, ect..), well not everyone has broadband and maybe the day of the scavenger hunt some persons ISP goes down and they can't get on the net (I know this has happened to me before). So to be really fair, this must be considered for this idea too. Taking fairness into account, is there really a solution? Think about it.. an essay contest for those who can't write, a design contest for those who can't design, a catchy-phrase contest for the dull, picture contest for those without cameras, and the list goes on and on. In light of this, I propose this: just a random drawing. This is probably the fairest of all (or closest to in regards to probability). However, there should be a few limitations on the contest, that would make it fair and open to all. 1. An active account with TCH 2. A forum account, with at least a few postings (I know some people are new, like myself, so imposing post amounts wouldn't work too well) 3. A website up and running, hosted by TCH 4. A link back to TCH on their website, somewhere Since anyone in these forums obviously has a site hosted by TCH, the above points apply to anyone interested in the contest, and make it fair to all, and limits the contest to only TCH supporters. So that's my idea. Any derivations or enhancements are welcome!
  20. link: http://www.martinmotorsportsinc.com/ name: Martin Motorsports, Inc. – Northern Virginia's BMW & Volvo Service and Performance Shop description: Automobile service and performance shop for BMW, Volvo, and other fine automobiles, located in northern Virginia. tch link: bottom of pages search engine eval: yes, please!
  21. Really? That is interesting. Ah well, Cpanel is still probably the best control panel I've used online anyways, just was trying to make it a little better
  22. Hi all! Just want to say TCH has a wealth of great features and the Cpanel works really well. However, I have 2 requests for additional software to be installed. 1. Smarty http://smarty.php.net/ - as this templating systems continues to grow (Yahoo! is now using it), it's becoming more and more powerful and necessary in designing PHP sites. I am just wondering if TCH could install this in the root under the PHP directory, for all to access, instead of having to install, on our own webspace. That way a directory structure could look something like this: http://smarty.php.net/manual/en/installing...marty.basic.php ... making it more secure and easier on the user. 2. Fileman http://www.gossamer-threads.com/scripts/fi...leman/index.htm - The best online file, directory, and command editor. Very cheap, works great. Would be a nice upgrade to the out-dated and featureless Filemanger in Cpanel. Anyways, keep up the great work and let me know if the above requests are possible and if so, when they are up and going! Thanks!
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