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  1. Hey you are right. (of course you knew that). I was just figuring that out as well as you responded. (I can't delete the folders now) I got to get to bed now, 12:15 in Italy here. I will see what I can find out in the morning. If you think of anything, let me know. Thanks for looking into this Dick. Night, Mikr
  2. Well, actually I am talking about the program to install plugins with one click from the Wordpress plugin database. It looks really neat! Here is the link to it. http://wp-plugins.net/ There is a link that says: Take advantage of One-Click plugin installs by installing WordPress Plugin Manager
  3. I have recently installed WP and I cannot get the one-click plugin to work. I keep getting access denied errors like the following: Warning: fopen(wp-content/plugin_manager/tmp/tmp.zip): failed to open stream: Permission denied in /home/gwenand/public_html/wp/wp-plugin-mgr.php on line 454 Fatal Error: Couldn't write downloaded archive to 'wp-content/plugin_manager/tmp/tmp.zip' If anyone has this working I would like to know, so that I am sure it is compatible with TCH's setup of course any ideas would be appreciated as well. Thanks a ton, Mike
  4. I was wondering if in php.ini the settiing is: allow_url_fopen 0 or allow_url_fopen 1 Thank you kindly.
  5. Here are the ExpressionEngine Requirements In order to run ExpressionEngine your web server must support: * At least 6 MB of space * PHP version 4.1 or newer. * PHP must have XML support. * MySQL version 3.23.32 or newer. * Your hosting account must have the following MySQL grant privileges (for tables): CREATE, ALTER, DROP Thanks for you time, Mike
  6. Now why did you have to do that? I had just decided on MT after looking at enough peoples websites, and then you go and recommend another software that looks great as well. Heheh. Now I have to reconsider this, because I really like some of the pages created with b2. Seriously though, thanks for the recommendations. In regards to b2, do you happen to know a good site that has guides or tutorials? There does not seem to be much info on b2's main site. Hmm, maybe the forum there is the best place for me to look. well thankyou again, I am off to read more about weblogs. ewok
  7. Wow, That seems to be exactlly what I was looking for. I downloaded and tried it with the test account on blogger. Seems perfect for what I was needing. Of course it is even better that it is freeware. Thankyou for the recommendation. I look forward to starting my page now. regards, ewok
  8. I have been thinking about creating a weblog for a while now and Movable Type seems to be a highly recommended software. I cannot seem to find the answer to my questions on their site. You guys have such quick response I thought I'd ask. I am planning to head to Italy for school for 3 months. I will be leaving my cable modem behind and having to rely on 56k modem overseas and possibly internet cafes as well. Are the uploads on MT fairly quick, or will I be in for a long wait? Do I need to be connected to the internet to add more to my journal? Will MT allow me to enter a few entries on my laptop and then when I connect upload them? Thanks so much for your responses. Ewok
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