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  1. Forgot to mention normally its 30 days, but as domain expired in March itself its more than 2 months and still its not available. Any Ideas!
  2. Hi, 1 of my client didn't wanted to renew his domain, He left it idle, after the validity, Its now in REDEMPTION PERIOD. although Expiration Date is shown as 07-mar-2004 And client wants it back now, Strange if he wanted this he could have responded in time also. How long is This REDEMPTION PERIOD period?
  3. HI, all e-mail traffic(incoming & outgoing) would add to your B'width usage. Example: a 50kb mail sent from your account to other account would count as 50KB as outgoing and 50 Kb as incoming mail summing up to 100KB of usage.
  4. Wild fantasy: How would the informants Spend this amount
  5. Hi, No propogation--> No http or FTP activity therefore no Logs. However if one accesses the site through the Shared IP and views it it might add something there, Basically account is monitored for activites not the domain, but traffic through the domain name request everything from the Account itself. Once your DNS records are fully updated you can notice all http, ftp, incoming/outgoing mails gets added to respective log/stats.
  6. Will this be Effective to all at once, after the Said period or One by one it would be added to existing customers in the said period.
  7. By the Time Somebody gets you and Exact answer, Check these sites, they have been here, Just a Reminder for these Helpful Bookmarks. Site1 Site2
  8. WOW, Thats like a Dream Come True. Keep up the Good Work.
  9. Request To Our HG All new Sign up's get Extra, why don't give a small extra b'width to existing resellers, its quite odd asking for such favours when iam one of them, but i know many would love TCH doing so. if not possible no probs, but i wish TCH grows and someday we get this as gift. Regards,
  10. Seems your DNS entries are pointing to TCH nameservers, If this has not been allowed a minimum of 48Hrs you might have to wait a bit before your domain is accessible from everywhere. Currently i see nameservers as Name Server: NS1.TOTALCHOICEHOSTING.COM Name Server: NS2.TOTALCHOICEHOSTING.COM
  11. Hi, Franklin you know 1 thing, you'll always be liked by this online family, no matter how old you are on their servers. TCH: Keep Up The Good Work, We all Are There for you, Always. Thumbs Up
  12. Hi, to my shock iam just being crawled by few of popular seacrh engines. I was able to analyze my raw access logs for the site using a tool which lets you do this very easily. You may Try the Robots.txt Editor And Spider Log Analyzer
  13. MS has released a tool for this worm. Download from Here
  14. Congrats MikeJ!, People like you make this place a real asset. Infact TCH do cares about quality and qualifications. Rock Sign
  15. i think if you backup your site using cpanel and restore it when you sign up here might let you have all same forwarders you have on your current server/site.
  16. Hi, If you are forwarding your default account to :blackhole: your mails simply get Deleted. If you set the forward for your default account to :fail: it would let the mails Bounceback . No matter what is your cpanel account name, if a forwarder is set with that name, you can choose what to do with your mails on that default account. TIP: Don't forget the Colons when setting up forwarders.
  17. Hi, Is there any option through which i can block certain type of attachment for emails. If this can be done, will it be limited to specific account or would affect all accounts on a domain.
  18. Hi, by mistake i left default address working, one of my sites just makes use of single e-mail id. Recently checked it has 16361 messages. How do i delete them without wasting much of time.
  19. Same was the care with the issue on server 30, all my sites were down, but i was able to see whats going on Step by step, and everything came back as it was earlier. I think moving of server 30 to a new one was the longest down time since i've been here as a reseller. Lastly, i could see each of staff going offline every hour or next, But Bill(Our HG) Don't Beat for saying He's Our HEAD GURU and no other hosting company could be so caring, who was continuously online without even a single Short NAP. Would HG mind telling us how many hours he was awake that day? I always get inspired with his hard work and dedication. Regards,
  20. Tch-Mike j. Can i have a minute of your time to let you know my requirements and if it fits your Terms i plan for next upgrade soon. Will send an mail after your permission. Regards,
  21. How many of members feel there should be a Send To a Friend Script at Main Page of TCH Site.
  22. On the page web-hosting-links Text Link (Strongly preferred over graphic link) Web Hosting withTotal Choice Leads to a 404 error
  23. Yes i was able to FTP, access mails and all within the first fewminutes. Next time iam able to do so, i post a Live Example here, if you dont mind that.
  24. Thanx Lisa, you've always tried to be a Help for me. will update you when iam able to review all what you have suggested.
  25. Hi, tired of this issue, most of users on one of my hosted site are not able to Get the Login page, even when i try to login with Admin user/pass i get 404 errors. when i refresh the main page of the forum after a 404 i am able to see the option to see the "Go To Admin panel" link Any Help on this!
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