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  1. Thanx Rob, i think i would setup a link on the external site to let my users be able to come back. For frames, i'll try some cool light menu that doesn't becomes heavy. Thanks again, Regards,
  2. Hi Techies, Do spare some time for me too.......
  3. Hi, i've a site at another URL, i would like to point to it like http://sub.mydomain. com but URL changes Currently adding a sub-domain and setting Redirect takes to that URL but Address changes in the Address Bar. When you point a domain to your existing one you don't see URL changing. Is it Possible?
  4. Hi, Just after the yahoo mail upgrade, i noticed yesterday a major upgarde in India's Leading E-mail Service Rediff Mail which offers multilingual e-mail composition Has Upgraded all account and offers 1GB of storage space. If only storage is important, this FREE service has been first which offers so much SPACE.
  5. Hi boxturt and others, boxturt your post is quite informative, personally i've noticed they are upgrading Alphabetically, so there may be some users with old quota, its Just not possible for a service provider to upgrade in a single Shot. I hope some Good news is also waiting for all of us on Hotmail too.......... Hey users Keep watching your Yahoo a/c .....
  6. Now Login Page Yahoo Login Page Shows New to Yahoo!? Get a free Yahoo! Mail account – it's a breeze to stay connected and manage your busy life. 100MB of email storage Keep more of what's important to you Powerful spam protection Read only the mail you really want Get your mail anywhere All you need is a web connection
  7. Hi, Recently Yahoo is changing the users' login page, and the new Inbox looks and lots new features and most Exciting one is A/c size increased to 100MB, only Old accounts, but poor me still my a/c is 6MB but one of my friends noticed a increase in storage space.(i hope this is not a rumour) Yet to find a place for a Official Announcement. Did Anyone else noticed this!!!
  8. Hi, just wanted to say, apart from TCH staff, Jikrantz, whoahorse, and many other, people like you are a reason why TCH family is so much concerned about each other, one of my friends told me he never saw such a Lively community, even his support techs didn't answered minor questions for atleast 24-36 Hrs. I Believe : If i know it, its good to share, when you are a community member and thats the spirit for which i got a Community star award at a fonts forum. (details at my site's main page) Thanks for being part of MY Family
  9. Hi, you can always host your existing Domains with TCH. Did You got any control panel to manage your domain when you registered it? To be able to use it here you would need to Update nameservers to point to TCH.
  10. Hi, By now you must have got best possible advice from our HG. Upgrading could be just a Help Desk Ticket away. Thats what we all resellers Love about TCH
  11. ya thats true but this is the way you get a higher page rank, don't you think requesting search engines to spider a web page would let it index with relevant keywords and content.
  12. Hi, can anyone tell which is the best way of submitting sites to Search Engines, Few say Manual submission is best but its difficult to get a complete list of where to submit. Can Any SEO Expert answer this?
  13. Hi, Just curious to get some important tips regarding E-Payment solution signup. If a site needs to sell subscription to their magazine which does have a popular print edition, most overseas readers and agencies have been asking if they could accept e-payments. There are third party gateways which upon subscription accept payment on your Behalf at their SECURE server, and redirects the user to order complition page at your site. Does myclient needs to have SSL installed? even if they are not accepting payments on their Domain. What shopping cart can be used easily? Thanx in Advance
  14. A lot, Doesn't cost you anything Dream...................
  15. My place is mostly 45°C minimum these days. Sometimes i think i don't need hot coffee, just have cold and would heat up inside. LOL
  16. Hi, try updating your Display Drivers?
  17. Never noticed arrogance ROB, infact its your kindness you accepted your mistakes, i know you haven't did anything which you are sorry for. Keep up the good mood Regards,
  18. Great !!!! Do let us know about his reactions too, Wish You and master HG will Have Great Time. and don't forget to get him some chocolates too. Regards,
  19. Thanks Rob, i checked about the cost and wait time, Client says he'll rather wait for it to be free again, infact $90+ is more than the full cost of a website for a whole year. Lets hope for the best.
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