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  1. Thanks HG, i know this could have lead to secret sub-resellers, infact that was not what i planned to do. I'll try to buy a separate account cause iam about to reach my limits of new a/c creations. Thanks and Regards,
  2. Hi, Can multiple WHM be alloted on a single Dedicated Fully Managed servers, to keep certain hosted sites under strict administration. Or any other suggestions to keep usage of normal sites away from those which have high traffic and importance.
  3. Try putting the RAM into another Slot, if you have one empty
  4. As parked domains access the same root (or DIR) you have done at the time of pointing. A better suggestion is to post one of your recent changes and watch if they accessible from a different ISP.
  5. [/b]And if HG calls me, i will ask him to call again after 5 minutes, cause after picking up the phone i'll Jump out of the window in excitement, and next 5 minutes i'll be back to my desk. HG: You shouldn't stop your family from Loving their HG so much.
  6. Hi, did anyone tried CCAvenue.com They have a Payment processing in US Dollars option too. Indian sites prefer this cause debit cards from many banks are accepted here. Cheers,
  7. Copycats Trying to Sell once a guy mailed me, "how about having ur sites name both ways" i didn't responded recently found that domain is for auction at somesite. in his 2nd mail, was asking me if i wish to sell mine. I think existing clients would ask before they signup with mis-spelled domains
  8. Thanx HG, i hope if i sign up for another plan from India i'll be getting the call in india too. and will not have to wait too long for the call, with TCh you are always on the fast track in the hosting world. Any security measure would be always appreciated. Regards.
  9. Thanks a lot Lisa, That was really very fast. Thanks again.
  10. Hi, is there any way where a small popup or link can change the CSS file used for a page. Or a different Javascript is used upon user selection, will also do. I can make different page but that would cost lot of time and versions of the pages to maintain. Thanks in Advance
  11. HI, Thanks mike, and who says TCH doesn't cares about their customers??? as i earlier said TCH is one of the best place you can get to host your site. waiting for glyphdoctor to Join his new family!
  12. try these, http://www.dynamicdrive.com/dynamicindex6/clock3.htm
  13. Hi, ok, actually the word Glyph made me think of fonts. don't panic, its a global measure to for credit card security that treats sign up's from distant place a difficult task. If your local card allows online payments use it, you can always change your card info when u return back. Lets hope a suitable answer for you from the Help Desk.
  14. Hey just noticed your Screen name, are you somehow working on Fonts?
  15. Hi, you can use any available alternate payment method(paypal) to meet the requirements. or if you have debit card from the country you are residing in you can sign up with it too. As this is a security measure to best of my knowledge you might not get suitable solution for this card through Help Desk, However you can Try your luck!!!
  16. It may be possible if you are using a different E-mail Id as sender than through which account you are relaying. Make sure both names are same.
  17. Just add to my knowledge, will DNS change won't let any mail fallback????
  18. Hi, just a off topic info regarding Virus Alert, yesterday few people got a Virus which claims from someID*@ microsoft.com. Just to add a security alert to our TCH family Be carefull before opening attachments from any such associated ID's I know the day they find out who is sending he wont be able to mail again for ages. Regards,
  19. Hi, yes jandafields things change when you have tight competitions. I think this would be the survival tactics to keep things preferable.
  20. I was on phone so pardon me for missing word Title should have been Here Comes From Hotmail, All those who waited so long will GET Xtra Hi, an E-mail account everyone wanted, will soon offer more. hotmail capacity
  21. Ya, Jim sir is right, i found a similar problem in a Cafe where i went, cause these days Iam away from my SOHO. For every site i tried gave me Annoying search results. I was so fed up that i told the cafe owner to get it off or i won't be your customer again.
  22. Hi, your topic just made me remind that right now i found TCH forum cookies are not expiring(what ever timeline was set). I just visited my parents and Last i logined from this city/system was 8th April'04 and today i was automatically active in forums here. I think Techies need a hand on this. Regards,
  23. Hi, may be a e-mail server which maintains a remote list of spammers which is updated in real time could be help for such issues. This might be possible in coming days, when spammers feel scared before spoofing email ID's, no one publish his ID over internet to get loads of such stuff.
  24. Hi, even Cpanel recommends users to set up the contact info and if iam not mistaken that should be an alternate id Other than domain name you are dealing with.
  25. Hi, i did that already, even one basic user can see whats new in SP2. IMHO i would Strongly recommend it. do you think they'll so easily give it to public, Give it a try, staff there are those who always had a potential of thinking where a user would STOP. youneverknow: your name always let people think more,
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