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  1. its a dream for people like me in india, cause iam experiencing atleast 8hrs power cuts nowadays.
  2. Hi, i met 1-2 in my dreams and you know they talk sense in dreams too cause i am quite far from U.S.
  3. Ya Lisa is right, i forgot i was on resellers
  4. pointing a domain directly to a sub-domain/directory of your site would have some limitations. you wont be able to access the pages above your root directory(to my experience with this) if you are linking as /index.htm however linking your page with htt*://domain.ext/index.htm would work.
  5. So sorry to hear that, Its hard to find a True friend and a second is enough to loose him forever. May god give all courage to the near and dears to overcome this tragedy.
  6. peterstone I tried it and got answer"I am guessing that it is a cigarette butt"
  7. Can any one let me know how to detect IP inside a simple HTML page, which works on most browsers?
  8. Dear TCH Friend, Don't let yourself down, your TCH family friends will pray and will certainly let you overcome this, Its the time when you need to Strenghten yourself rather than to fear. We will be praying to have a post from you which would state" Iam Recovering" GET WELL SOON FRIEND
  9. If hopes and wishes were those real I would have asked all family members to wish her Get Well Soon. Sorry to hear about that, but we all still infact i do kept my fingers crossed, after all she is taken care by a very active and energetic member of our family. May god give this another chance. My wishes are with Her. Take Care of her and Yours too. Cheer up, we really always need Thomas to be as Cheerful as he's always been!!!!
  10. Thanx, ya i did expected this, infact i just got a PHP kit for itegrating that into my site, thanx for showing me way out. Regards,
  11. Hi, i need to make a page to confirm certain conditions met by user. That page could be a simple HTML/PHP page which is not accessible Directly, should only be visible if the allowed site redirects user to that page. a typical payment success page kinda. Thanks in advance.
  12. Make sure you have cleared all Trash Cans on your webmail, 1 of my sites were inflatng disk usage and trashcan was the reason for it.
  13. Hi, just delete your index.html and place index.php instead, it should automatically resolve dirctories to your index.php file. One can use more advanced options to set this too, you might get the answers here pretty soon, as one of mods would certainly reply
  14. Hi, please check if you have those mails on your "sent Item Folder" was the totalchoicehosting spelled right. Iam totally satisfied with E-mail traffic through and to TCH. Sometimes i was not able to send mail but that was only DUE to stupid Indian Dial up connection i have to work on. Why dont you sign up for a month and see if TCH suits you. i think starter plan is not so expensive here.
  15. Hi miner2049er, Personally TCH never had bad habbit of ignoring pre-sales enquiries. If someone posts their questions here, we members(Family Friend) are always there to answer those first, most of the times people get a clear view how TCH does. as For my experience as a reseller in last 1 year I upgraded my account from very basic to deluxe, would certainly buy more a/c's. and since last 1 year i never saw anybody complaining about pre-sales questions. One more thing Don't think anybody here is TCH sponsored for Sooth Sayings. Ask any of 3800+ members, you'll be glad to reach your New Home(TCH)
  16. Wow what a mixed moods of comments for URL i submitted. Infact i didn't remembered that i started this topic too
  17. Hi, To get your site listed under fashion, apparel, clothing on major search engines you must have proper tags with relevant content to get higher page ranks and follow some of common SEO methods which might be available for free. PR(Page Rank) is somehow related to who's linking to you. A link from a site which has good PR may get you a higher PR. you may Submit to open DIR projects to get listed on your required categories. Hang on someone here might get you links worth visiting
  18. Hi, Just before this topic ask's the same question again and again, Can any one who has recently signed up recently and was phone verified could tell others what was his/her experience with TCh phone verification?
  19. Hi, i don't understand why people are so much concerned with Phone Verfication. I think If you signing up, you can handle it. If you r using your parents/Relatives Card, they should know and one should know. If its your own, you can verify it without probs. already told INT. users will also get calls in their normal hours.
  20. Yahoo sometimes puts mails with promotional subjects to BULK Mail you can just take 2 precautions( might work but can't promise) Subject : Re: Sender name : jandafields(Sitename)
  21. http://y.20q.net:8095/ I tried couple of times, its knows what iam thinking of.
  22. Ya, that can be a reason in some cases, even a virus(memory resident or other) can lead to such errors. If comp. problems after booting, you can uncheck unwanted startup programs using "msconfig" Start-->Run--msconfig
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