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  1. Hi, check this one its an intersting one. keep the mouse over his face see the reactions *ttp://tinyurl.com/368hv
  2. Hi, that has happened with me 2-3 times, but not every time. Recently i buyed a domain from GDad.... and it was also an instant DNS updatation however i didn't checked it from different countries. but mails were also working so seemed exciting..... Normally DNS propogations take 24-48 hours and sometimes upto72 Hrs to complete. anyway Life is full of surprises.
  3. Mike Sir, thats kinda reply i always wanted, infact TCH dedicated pme's are not as expensive as the quality one would experience. If TCH could Arrange a Demo for a Branded software which do allow a demo installation i would be the happiest customer. Please let me know OFFLINE who bears the cost of hardware upgrade and failure cost if a dedicated box malfunctions due to reason which a customer is not responsible for. If you are a reseller who can sell more and more Price is just very very right. I wish the day of sept, i could afford a dedicated one TCH is able to get 1 for me. Good night from India, regards, prabudh
  4. Hi, Respected Bruce & Mike, don't mind but still I find couple of poeple who wish to know advantages of having a dedicated box. Please if possible provide more details on able to "do" and "dont'S of a dedicated box as compared to Resellers or a simple hosting a/c with TCH. Pl. convey my Respected Excuse to HG, i was not able to work today and i Badly planned to Jot down points i have for TCH growth. I face atleast 8 HRs of powercut daily, And i wasted a lot of time in planning/ shifting my office to a metro where my DG costs me an affordable amount. May be i'll mail HG in coming 24hrs. Warm Regards, Prabudh
  5. Hi, you can get the domain parked on your existing site's index, just submit the Help Desk ticket from the top of the forum's page. You can then set up mail forwarders from Cpanel.
  6. Hi, if you have domain forwarding service in your domain control panel you can set up a redirect from there. If you are hosted with TCH why do you wanna redirect it to your homestead site?
  7. Hi, i have full Trust on TCH, whatever they decide would be best.
  8. Two Domains One Destination Is Allowed Two Domains on one account cannot have separate main pages until you are on Resellers plan.
  9. me too using SP2, no probs at all, it was a smooth install for me.
  10. I think if you are not using any text on your pages you can be pushed real down on your search results. For those who can get links to their site from sites with good PR can do better this way but getting such traffic is not that easy.
  11. Try changing the counter's look and feel.
  12. Hi Yuriy, you'll love to be here cause these guys are always available for your help, let me correct my self that Most often questions are answered by Family members and Tech experts just in few minutes. Personally i Love to be a reseller of TCH, TCH Resellers = Peace of Mind You can check This Threadand get your answer.
  13. Sssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I think he's on a short nap
  14. it helps on those servers/host's which don't allow scripts to send mails. You may ignore the smtp and check, it should work at TCH
  15. Hi D.J , Reasons u are fedup with Were also one of my cause of Start a Domain resellers package, cause getting few dozen domains managed at other registrar was costing me a lot of time. now i have all under my full control. Just to remind you if you transfer the domain most services include a Year's Extention. Try your Luck. For hosting you won't be able to get back the pre- payment
  16. Oh sorry Jikrantz it was 25 secs, i told you last nigt i was sleepy enough to make such stupid mistakes.
  17. Thanks sir, just before i fall on bed i found your reply with an very very interesting link. Thanks and Regards,
  18. Hi, your site took a 25Minutes to get "done", however it was only images which took those extra seconds. Dont panic as iam mostly on Dial up which others would just hate to work with. I'll catch u tommorow for optimizing your site for Search engines,cause iam able to do a bit of this too. Good Night.
  19. Hi, any LIVE URL? i'll let you know loading time from Typical Indian Dial Up. anyways whats the size of your pages. iam quite attentive to page size as my upcoming new version of site is 33-38k HTML page. images are 30-40 k extra. what do you think, How does this site come up to majority of people? In the time mean time you can check This analyzer (will be back after a nap, Badly need that since last 36 hour desk)
  20. Ya, i agree and practically seen such Business Gimmicks Like Unlimited Traffic where a host specifies a condition of 10GB or 20 GB or more as the case or plan may be in terms and conditions. This limitation is often specified on page not easily visible. You may get cheaper rates for hosting elsewhere but always check about Bandwidth quota, and thats the reason why host's like TCH grow. Claim what you can provide to the customers is something already proved by TCH personally i am happy & confident with TCH. Rock Sign 3 Cheers for TCH :hug:
  21. Also make sure you ENABLE the windows firewall
  22. Hey hey hey, you just revoked my hunger, i had BORING Veg food last night, but today i will definitely try some chicken dish.
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