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  1. Hi, What could be done if one needs Subdomains of the same name to be accessed as (hindi.gohindi.com) (gohindi.com/hindi). No Two directories of same names are allowed. When there's no such directory possible its no point of trying Re-directions . Any Suggestions? See ya, Manu
  2. Thanks for the response actually i wanted to set it up like who evers sends mail to that Closed Mail ID gets a mailer deamon kinda stuff. see ya, manu
  3. Hi, Is it possible to close an E-mail ID, all other ID's should work fine, along with catch all mail feature. see ya, manu
  4. hi, Ok, Enough of Jokes, We all i mean all TCH clients, Friends, would be happy if we see the REAL HEAD GURU, But the Mystery Continues................................ Lets make a Guess. He's Around 6 Feets, Broad Shoulders, Big Eyes, And a Brain Which we all Trust and Rely on. See ya, prabudh
  5. hi, just felt the need to track or get some info about the IP and other Header info iam getting in the mails. Can Anyone suggest a Way out of it. See ya,
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