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  1. thanks, thomas, submitted a ticket for billing, hope to hear soon. thanks again.
  2. Hi, i started my hosting biz with TCH, and i am gratefull, TCH made me a man who could earn his bread and butter, for myself, for wife, for my kid, and i would never forget that till i exists. TCH Bill if i remember correctly stood always by me, when there was a issue, i think thats what made this company excell other hungry giants. anyway let me come to a point, one of my friend needs lots of shared accounts, max usage per month in terms of bandwidth is 5-7GB only, but only thing is he needs accounts on different IP's is this possible with TCH, I am ready to get TCH atleast 100 shared accounts, with no fraud, no gimmicks like others. Please let me know as one of my friend is looking to move his sites from a couple of hosts who hosted him on same server claiming it to be on different machines. can someone from sales reply to this thread on priority, I assure my frient would turn out to be a honest long term customer.
  3. Hi, Recently someone DELETED all the Forum postings on one of my account under my resellers plan. Is there any issue with PHPBB security issue. He has become forum admin. Is it possible to examine his activity any how. I've raised a Help Desk ticket to help me on this. Any suggestions ??
  4. Hi, thanx, i even tried the recovery console but no fruitfull results, looking for a matching configuration among known people so i can do the needfull back up and format the HDD. Anyway if i re-install choosing Repair do you think it would do some good to me and my time?
  5. Hi, recently my intel 815 desktop board for pIII just stopped working. I arranged a service m/B so iam able to work till it gets repaired in warranty. Installing this m/b doesn't boots on my Existing winXP pro setup. It just crashes in initial few seconds as its loading agp440.dll. not booting even in safe mode, not able to boot on this HDD while 2nd HDD's fresh setup works fine. CAN'T afford to format the HDD, any ideas how do i boot from my HDD, i badly need to login to my windows a/c.
  6. Hi, i've a site on my resellers account which has started getting thousands of mails, Today itself it got a 60+ MB of PURE JUNK. Any suggestions to control this.
  7. Hi, want the staff to check if this could be an added advantage at TCH to offer language option for Cpanel. I heard this can be done through www.rvskin.com Regards,
  8. HI, when using a simple php script to send a mail Its only relaying mails to local e-mail addresses. When I used my yahoo, fastmail, gmail account, I received no mails but when I used a local e-mail address of hosted domain, I received the mail instantly. I don't know why is this happening. Any Suggestions ??
  9. I hope it wasn't a self melting backdoor, in past i saw such exe's sent which are a real threat to security.
  10. Do you hear any error beeps from M/board when you Turn it on. Check the video card at some other machine too. were your old card able to work on same m/b
  11. Hi, a New Service Name "NETSAFE" is introduced in India which generates a unique virtual card number using your physical Visa Debit/Credit Card. The key benefits of NetSafe are as follows: 1).Your credit / debit card number is never used on the merchant website 2).The NetSafe card you create is a one time use card 3).You can set your own limit for the NetSafe cards you generate 4).You can use it on any merchant website that accepts VISA credit cards Do you Think Such Services Would Prosper on Internet?
  12. Yeah thats true for me as currently my ISP(BSNL INDIA) is showing a lot of cached pages, Thats a shame for them, its getting on my nerves.
  13. Yeah, Now Domains will propogate Faster, however still cannot be said Instant, but much better than before as Zones would be updated every 5 minutes.
  14. Hi, All inbound and outbound traffic counts towards total B'width. Like Email sent/recieved, FTP, http, etc. you can find some of most wanted configs to meet ur requirements.
  15. Mine are Fonts' Related Softwares Including Developers Softwares Like MS WEFT, MS VOLT, MS VTT. I also have honour of Being Asst.Manager on one of MS Group for Embedded Fonts.
  16. And to Keep Our HG and TCH Always Shining I volunteer for Best SEO i can do, for them if they need it for their New Design! Regards,
  17. Thanks Mike, Any Hints what are we going to READ on that Thread??? Regards,
  18. Here Comes the HG Online, after he's able to tackle one of server Issue i know He's Gonna Reveal That Surprise So Fasten Your Seat Belts, You are About to feel the impact.
  19. HI, Its 15th already, and Iam Waiting for the Surprise............. Countdown Begin.........
  20. Hmmmm, i can guess TCH preparing a plan, to let other hosting service provider skip a meal in frustration. lol
  21. Hi, i always alter the password generated with any password program like Any Password. And one extra tip would be never use username similar to domain name.
  22. Hi, generally login names are visble on all outbound e-mails. all iam left with is to create a different email id for SMTP. Headers shouldn't do this to us.
  23. Hi, May Your Each Day be the Best Sunrise, And Every Evening a Beautiful Sunset like this picture. Happy Anniversary :hug: Regards :heart
  24. Mike sir, you are right recent was an .us registration. Regards,
  25. can i have a Invitation? i need my family only pass through PM Sent PM - TCH-Rob
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