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  1. Hey everybody, One of my clients just signed up for a new TCH account yesterday (courtesy of a referral from moi!). He wants me to transfer his files over to his new web space. His account has been set up and he's received his welcome email with his cPanel username and password. Problem is, I've been trying to access his cPanel using the info in the welcome email, and I can't get in. I can see his account if I access his space via h*tp://server70.totalchoicehosting.com/~his_cPanel_username/ That's when I checked the name servers associated with his domain and saw that he hasn't yet set them over to NS1.TOTALCHOICEHOSTING.COM and NS2.TOTALCHOICEHOSTING.COM. Until the name servers are properly set, is there any other way to transfer files to his web space?
  2. Thomas, This is a great idea! I just tried to join the web ring but got the very cute little error page. Please let us know when you're ready to start accepting ring members. I can't wait! Rock Sign
  3. By the way, I chose the HTML 4.0 "loose" doctype since you've used <font> tags in your source...
  4. I downloaded your source, removed the funny symbols, added a doctype, and voila' ... Check it out at h*tp://www.pudgypuppy.com/mooretest.htm.
  5. Well, I did get one problem solved...the extra error line you get when trying to preview is no longer there. I read the comments that Jay Allen placed in the MTBlPost.pm file and discovered that I only need to add the SCode hack to one subroutine of the code instead of to two subroutines. I removed the extraneous hack and that got rid of the error message that said: "Use of unitialized value in sprintf at lib/MT/Template/Context.pm at line 1187". I'm still working on the rest...
  6. Darn it if I didn't speak too soon ... now no comments can get through the system. Yikes! What to do...what to do... By the way, this funny code is showing up at the bottom of my comments page... MT::App::Comments=HASH(0x811195c) print() on closed filehandle MT::SCode::OUTFILE at lib/MT/SCode.pm line 50. MT::App::Comments=HASH(0x811195c) print() on closed filehandle MT::SCode::OUTFILE at lib/MT/SCode.pm line 50. You can all try it for yourself at h*tp://www.doggydiaries.pudgypuppy.com There's only one post there. Please try adding a comment for yourself. Thanks...
  7. Holy Blacklist, Batboy! *doing cartwheels as she types* I finally got it to work! Turns out that MT-Blacklist was indeed the culprit. I had to modify the file located at /public_html/cgi-bin/mt/extlib/jayallen/MTBlPost.pm in two different locations... Thanks again to MikeJ and Lisa for your help and support! TCH totally rocks! Rock Sign
  8. I found it located here: /public_html/cgi-bin/mt/extlib/jayallen/MTBlPost.pm I'm going to try the modifications again and see if I have any luck. Keep your fingers crossed! *nervous*
  9. Actually, now that I look closer at your line of code from SCode.pm, I realize that the instructions don't tell you to reference the /mt/ folder... they only say that you should reference the /tmp/ folder. Maybe that's part of the problem, too....
  10. Mike, Your snippet of code looks to be verbatim of what I used. However, the line I changed in SCode.pm didn't look like what you've got there. James Seng (the plugin author) had an example of >#my $tmpdir = "/home/jseng/tmp/"; my $tmpdir = "/tmp/jseng/"; which I thought looked funny because he had his user name INSIDE the tmp directory instead of the other way around. Let me redo my SCode.pm file to follow your lead and see if that doesn't work for me...
  11. Lisa, Too bad... I've tried to fix it myself, and I found a topic at the MT-plugins.com web site that talked about this post. Apparently, there's a conflict between MT-SCode and MT-Blacklist. The commenters say I need to edit a file called MTBlPost.pm, but gosh darn it if I can't find that file anywhere. I wonder if there's something else going on, or maybe another conflict that's causing my problem.
  12. OK, so I went ahead and attempted to install SCode by myself. It doesn't appear to be working because I can still enter comments without typing the required security code. Here's what I did. I installed the files and made the modifications required to the templates that allow comments (individual entry archive template, comment listing template, comment preview template, comment error template) and then did a complete rebuild of all files. I did notice, however, that when I did a rebuild of all the pages, the following message appeared for about 1 second in the "rebuild" pop-up window: Does this have something to do with why I am still able to add comments without typing in the appropriate security code?
  13. Mike, I sent you a PM regarding this topic.... Thanks!
  14. Thank you much for the info, Mike! You are just one of many people who I've seen that have migrated to WP from MT. I believe TCH-Lisa migrated to TextPattern. She seems pretty happy with that decision. Do you find WP to be more "intuitive" and reasonably user-friendly than MT? What prompted you to switch?
  15. Hey all! Been away from the forums for a few weeks lately. I just clicked on the link for "view new posts" and had something like 10 pages of new posts to read through! Yikes. Anyway, I've finally got a bit of time to work on my personal blog instead of someone else's work. Before "going live," I've been trying to anticipate and block off any potential issues that may arise. The first thing I did was read up on optimizing my MT blog for Google. I implemented many of those suggestions. Now, I'm trying to block off as many comment spams as possible. I've read up a bit on this by visiting h*tp://www.elise.com/mt/archives/000246concerning_spam.php So far, I've installed Jay Allen's MT-Blacklist Plug-In. Now I'm trying to implement a "captcha" security code similar to what you have to do before looking up someone's registration information when you look them a URL on the whois system. I've downloaded James Seng's SCode MT-plugin and am going through the installation instructions. I don't quite understand them. I can't even get through the first step where is says Does anyone know what this means? Better yet, would anyone who has already installed this plugin to their MT blog be willing to walk me through the process? I've been reading a few commentary posts on some other blogs, and from what I can tell, there are compatibility issues between MT-SCode plugin and MT-Blacklist plugin. Since I'm basically knowlegable enough to be dangerous but not knowlegable enough to be competent, I worry that I'll screw things up royally that will require tons of work to fix. I'd appreciate any help available. To be quite honest, I'm getting worried about using MT. I'm not a perl developer, and I'm just barely learning the concepts of the MT system. Now that MT 3.0 is out, I see that people are very unhappy with the system and Six Apart's new licensing scheme. Basically, it seems that there's been an exodus en masse to other systems by many high-profile blogs (Dive Into Mark, Zeldman, Eric Meyer, and Scripty Goddess come instantly to mind). I don't know if I should just give up on my MT blog and the hard work, learning and research I've done so far to learn it in order to take up some other blogging software or if I should stick it out and wade through the muck. Goodness, what have I gotten myself into?
  16. Don, Thanks for the tip. That one works I wonder why the h*tps://www.pudgypuppy.com/cpanel/ didn't work but h*tps://www.pudgypuppy.com:2083/ does. Either way, I'm happy to be able to do secure logins to my cpanel once more. Thank you!
  17. Hi all, For a while now, I've been accessing my cPanel using a secure connection like h*tps://www.pudgypuppy.com/cpanel/ I've noticed that for the past week (maybe longer), my connection to cPanel via https:// is denied. I can only get in now using h*tp://www.pudgypuppy.com/cpanel/ When I try to login using secure connection, I get a pop up window that says Does anyone know what's going on? Has TCH disabled secure login at our cPanels? Thanks.
  18. Thanks for the speedy answer! I actually read your answer last week but didn't have time to post a formal "thanks" before being jerked rather rudely back to my work at hand. Mad!!!
  19. Etanisla, Thanks for the info. I'll have to do as you described and check my logs when I have a few moments to sit down and digest them. I think I remember seeing something about Raw Log under my STATS in cPanel, but when I clicked it, it wanted to create a tar ball for me. I cancelled that request because I didn't know what I was doing...
  20. Don, Here's a look at what I had in my error log. Does this mean that I need to create the files listed? (e.g., 404.shtml, favicon.ico ...) I've already uploaded my old robots.txt file. Guess I forgot to do that when I last had tech support scrub my web space due to some problems I was having. So that one shouldn't pose a problem anymore (at least, that's what I'm hoping!) Also, am I correct in my assumption that these error log messages are generated when someone is specifically looking for that particular page and can't find it?
  21. This isn't really a pre-sales question, but this seems to be the most appropriate forum for my question. My annual hosting fee is set to come due in a few days. When I originally paid for the subscription, I used PayPal. The credit card account that my hosting fees were charged to has since been closed. I've updated the subscription in PayPal to reflect a new credit card account. Will this be sufficient to provide me with uninterrupted service to my hosting account? Or is there anything else I need to do here at TCH to make sure that you're able to receive proper funding for my next year's worth of hosting? Thanks!
  22. OK, so this is a very newbie question... How did you look up those stats to find that there was an attempted break-in? I know it's in cPanel, but where in cPanel are the access logs?
  23. Bill, This is, of course, wonderful news for everyone! I don't know how you do it, but you've got a really good business model. Rare is the company and the corporate executive who actually thinks about what more they can give their clientelle rather than how much more their clientelle will pay. I truly admire your dedication to your customers. I wish there was a better way to commend you and say "Thank You" other than through a few feeble words here in the polls. But if it's any consolation, you will be getting at least one more new customer here in the near future as a referral from me. He is going to be so surprised that he's getting double what I'm getting, the same great service, but still paying the same price! My great appreciation to Bill and the entire TCH staff of tech support, admins, moderators, etc., etc. You all rock extra hard! Rock Sign
  24. Thanks Jim and Lisa! I won't be able to look at the web site and make modifications to the web page I'm working on until later this evening. Got a lot to do at work and then an appointment to attend before I go home. I'll get on it as soon as I get home... Until this evening, Kasey
  25. Hi everybody, My question is in reference to a page I'm building. To get an idea of the page layout, please visit htt*://www.pudgypuppy.com/villagepantry/new/ (By the way, for those of you who have been following me on this project, this is a complete redesign of a site I had been working on earlier this year. I completed it and submitted it back to my "client." Although he liked the original design and approved it, his wife decided she now wanted something different, so it's back to the drawing board for me. That's where this new redesign comes in.) OK, so here's what's supposed to happen. When a user hovers over one of the navigation menu options on the right, a simple description and additional text is supposed to display on top of the "VP" located in the lower right corner. I know there's a CSS trick for accomplishing a "remote" rollover like this, but I can't remember where I've seen it. I also can't remember how it was accomplished. Anyone know where I can find the info on doing this maneuver. Or, if you've done it yourself, can you tell me how you did it? Thanks, Kasey
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