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  1. Hi everyone, Tech support needs to do some work on my web space, but they (quite appropriately) recommend that I backup what I've currently got stored there. I know there's a backup utility in cPanel. Does anyone know how to use this? Where do the backed-up files get stored? Am I allowed to choose to store them on my hard drive or to a writable CD? Also, how do I recover my backed-up files in the event I need to restore them to my web space? Thanks!
  2. Thanks Mike! I appreciate the clarification (and education).
  3. I've got a very basic question that anyone with a minimum amount of knowledge may be able to answer. I'm having problems with my email, and I was rooting around in the Email Manager within cPanel. I noticed there is a section called "Modify MX Entry". I'm curious, so I click this link. On the next screen, I see this ... Can anyone explain what all this means? Thanks y'all!!!
  4. Madmanmcp, I had the same thing happen to me here at work. I don't know what I clicked on, but the next thing I know, I'm greeted with a page full of nude women. Some were top photos, but some were full shots. Not the kind of thing I want on my computer. So far, nobody from the IT department has come to arrest me and take me to jail in the paddy wagon, so hopefully I eeked by on this one. I don't even know how to explain how such a nasty web page would come up on my computer!
  5. Glenn, What can I say. This is TCH service above and beyond the call of duty. My brother in law is not even a customer, but your willing to help him out. Wow! I'm sure my brother in law would be very grateful for any help we can give him. Mike (my brother in law) is not a computer guru, so I'll probably walk him through this. Please tell me how to go about harvesting the information from his computer that you need. I'll gather up the info and get it right back to you. My G*d, I can't believe how fantastic our TCH family is. You guys completely rock! (You know this is going to score big brownie points with me, right?!? Thumbs Up I already refer as many people as I can here -- though I think only one has committed to buying a hosting plan. Now I can sing the praises even more. Maybe I can even talk to my sister and her hubby about getting a hosting account here so they can set up their own web site!) Thanks a bunch-a-bunch-a-bunch!
  6. I just want to say that I've never felt harrassed here or anything. I've noticed that there are times when a post borders on unsuitable content or tone, and a staff member or moderator steps in to bring things back to order. I think the entire TCH staff does a wonderful job here. I'm sorry that this forum topic had to be started, but I see it as being a good preventative medicine to keep tempers from flaring. Thanks to all the TCH staff and moderators for keeping our family forums a professional place to meet, chat, and exchange ideas. Rock Sign
  7. Thanks Lisa and MikeJ. I went ahead and issued a help desk ticket. Aromal is handling it for me.
  8. Oops, it looks like the picture didn't get attached. Here it is.
  9. Earlier today, Jacob in the tech support department helped me to switch out two domain names. Basically, I have two domain names -- kaseyscreations.com and pudgypuppy.com. Prior to my helpdesk ticket, my domains were configured as follows. kaseyscreations.com --> hosted at TCH pudgypuppy.com --> parked on top of kaseyscreations.com After Jacob helped me, my domains are set up like this. pudgypuppy.com --> hosted at TCH kaseyscreations.com --> parked on top of pudgypuppy.com All seems to be in good working order, except that now when I type www.kaseyscreations.com into my web browser, the browser can't resolve that domain name. I presume this to be a propogation delay problem and that it will be straightened out within the next 24 hours. However, I now try to access my web mail at pudgypuppy.com, and I get the error shown in the attached graphic. The right side of the Squirrelmail page shows the inbox. The left side is supposed to show the list of folders, but as you can see from the pictures, it's still trying to grab folders from kaseyscreations.com and put them in the window where I should be seeing the folders for pudgypuppy.com. Can anyone tell me what I need to do to fix this problem? The Squirrelmail program seems to be trying to grab folders from /home/kaseysc/ instead of from /home/pudgypuppy/ Thanks a bunch!
  10. Thanks everyone, for your suggestions. I'm emailing this URL to my sister and brother-in-law so they can try to fix it. I think it will be easier for them to read it directly here than getting it through a third party source (me). Thanks again to all of the wonderful TCH family!!!
  11. I've used something called Jack's FormMail. It's a PHP script that allows users to send email from a form on your web site. It's very easy to install and implement. I'm not sure if it's the same formmail script being offered by Surefire, but I found it here ... www.dtheatre.com/scripts/formmail.php
  12. Try Spybot Search & Destroy. That picked up a few things on my computer that Ad-Aware missed.
  13. Hi everyone, My brother-in-law has a strange problem on his computer that I've not heard about before. Whenever he opens a new connection to the internet (he's on dial-up), he gets the same pop-up window with a nude woman. Mad!!! I suggested he use Ad-Aware and Spybot S&D. He tried both of those, but the pop-up window keeps coming up. Needless to say, neither my sister (his wife) nor he want this kind of material on their computer, and rightly so. Has anyone had this problem on their computer before? I'm going to suggest that he try Cool Web Shredder, but from what I understand, that program keeps one particular web site from taking over your home page url. So I don't know if it will work on this nudie pop up window. Also, you should know that he uses AO-HE-double hockey sticks, ahem, I mean, AOL. Yuck! Thanks.
  14. Thomas, I've never heard of SpyMac, but I have heard of Mailinator. You can find it at www.mailinator.com I'm not sure exactly what you're looking for (I haven't looked at the SpyMac web site), but mailinator gives you a temporary email address that expires after a certain number of uses.
  15. By jove, I think you've got it! I already have the new domain parked in my web space, so I just tested it out as you suggested. I typed new.com/folder and was automatically redirected to old.com/folder. Sweet. Thanks a bunch, Bruce!!! Thumbs Up
  16. I think this is the right forum to post this topic, but if it needs to be moved, please do so. This question is an extension of a forum topic I posted last month. You can find it here -- http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/forums/i...?showtopic=8504 Here's my situation and subsequent question. I just purchased a new domain name, new.com, and will be using it instead of my existing domain name, old.com. There isn't much in my webspace at old.com. However, I do have one directory that is actually used/accessed by users. They access this directory by typing the following URL directly into their web browser (there is no link for this directory anywhere else in my web space) -- www.old.com/folder/ Here's what I'd like to do. I want to change the domain name associated with my account. Instead of having the domain name associated with the account being old.com, I want it to be new.com. This would mean that the new location of the directory in question would be www.new.com/folder/ I still want users to be able to access this directory without having to explain to them that they now need to type www.new.com/folder/ instead of typing www.old.com/folder/ In case you're wondering why this is so, the people accessing this directory are my extended family members, and they are pretty dense when it comes to computers. Some of them are very old, and they may or may not remember that the domain name has changed, so it would be pointless for me to even tell them that it's moved. Instead, I'd rather they just be taken there directly so the move is transparent to them. So what I want them to be able to do is to be referred to the new directory at www.new.com/folder/ if they type www.old.com/folder/ into their address bar. Can this be done? Like I said before, there is nothing else on this domain that anyone outside of me accesses, so it's not necessary to do this with all files and folders in my web space. Thanks!
  17. Ah Bruce, you gave me a good laugh... I would do the same thing if someone was a jerk to me. Let 'em suffer!!
  18. Wow, Bruce! What headaches you must have gone through with that other web host. And $30 per month?!? Were they on crack to be charging that much for the lackluster customer support and technical service they provided? It almost makes you wonder if that company is still in business. I'm positive you weren't the only person to make such [legitimate] complaints. Your letter makes me feel very thankful that I found TCH. As a matter of fact, TCH is the very first web host I've ever done business with. I did a lot of research before finding TCH, but still, with all the web hosts out there these days making all kinds of claims, I consider it dumb luck on my part to have made such a wise choice. I must say that when I hear horror stories such as yours, it just increases my sense of satisfaction with the wonderful support here at TCH. Without getting too mushy, I love all my TCH family! You're all great! And, of course, it goes without saying that Rock Sign
  19. TCH-Mike, Thanks for the link to CWShredder. I like to keep a library of applications to remove various spyware, and this was one I didn't have. By the way, I ran the scan on my computer, just to be sure. I wasn't experiencing any annoying pop-ups, but rather, I was curious to see if it would find anything. My machine came up clean! Thanks again!
  20. It most certainly will be. I think they should come up with patches *before* announcing that there was a problem. This just gives hackers more time to perpetrate their machinations.
  21. The big problem I see with Macs is that there are something like only 5% of the computer-using population has a Macintosh. There doesn't seem to be as many applications available for them as for PCs. I have a PC at work and my sister has a Mac. She's forever griping about what a crappy machine it is. But her boss won't buy her a PC because their entire office (of like 5) is on Mac.
  22. Not that I'm recommending pixels as the way to go, but if you want to use pixels, you can probably go in and edit your style sheets by hand. I'm not familiar with CuteSite Builder, but doesn't it offer stylesheets? I think stylesheets are pretty much integrated with web page building software now, aren't they? If CSB spits out style sheets for you, just open them in your favorite text editor and hack away!!! Naughty
  23. Thanks for posting this, Raul. I hope they come up with a patch real soon... I'm getting real tired of all these vulnerabilities in the Windows OS. If I wasn't such a scaredy cat about installing new OS on my computer, I'd seriously consider one of the other available OSs.
  24. Nat, We just bought a new computer from Dell this past December and it works very, very well. We bought a Dell XPS, 3.0GHz Hyperthreaded Tech with 1GB RAM on 800MHz bus and 240 GB RAID hard drive. This machine works like a dream. I don't know which video card we got, but it was the best on the market at the time because we do gaming on the computer and my husband and his friends want to see all the action on their "blow-em-up" games that they possibly can. It came with WinXP Pro, and some type of Microsoft Productivity Pack which we promptly scrubbed. Instead, I installed the entire Microsoft Office Suite. I don't do as much graphics work as you do, but I do have PhotoShop, Illustrator and Paint Shop Pro installed. Interestingly, I can run them all at the same time without any problems. I personally don't think you need to spend that much extra money for a 3.4GHz machine if there's a big price difference between 3.2GHz and 3.4GHz. After all, we're only on 3.0GHz, and we can keep more than one graphics application running at a time. Also, we can both be logged on at the same time without any problems. I'll run "The Sims", and he's playing "LOTR" or "Command and Conquer: Generals". Our computer easily runs one game while having the other in the background. If you're going to do "serious" work with your computer, I would recommend buying as much RAM as you possibly can. Also, a raided hard drive makes hard drive access times much faster. Our computer is lightening fast. We didn't know how much difference we'd see between the new computer and our old 733MHz system, but I can't even begin to say how much nicer it is. Please holler if you've got more questions. If I can remember, I'll check our receipt when I get home tonight and let you know which video/graphics card we purchased.
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