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  1. Hi, i have now changed the domain to http://www.labrador-dogs.com, please can the link be changed if possible. Thanks in Advance.
  2. Hi, i'm looking into opening my first online store for pet accessories and am asking if anyone has a recommendation to get a shopping cart on their site for a relative newbie at web building (either by way of a plugin or CMs type cart). I'm currently familiar with wordpress and a bit of joomla, but i can get up to date with any CMS pretty quickly as i have touched a few others lately. Ideally i am looking for a type of cart that can also keep a record of the amount of stock you would have, so no one can over order a certain item/product and is let down by having to wait a while for a prod
  3. Are these contests open to anyone outside the US?
  4. "Labrador-Dogs is a site that has information and advice for owners of Labradors. Some of the information can also be useful for other breeds." Thanks for changing in advance, it saves people getting arrested for excessively kissing their screens in an internet cafe..... and it's weird
  5. Thanks very much. I did not realise you were going to copy and paste the description lol otherwise i would have changed it, never mind it looks good.
  6. Hi, been using TCH for a few months and some sites have come and gone for me whilst i am still learning (i only started last december-ish on an evening/spare time basis), but this site i am submitting to you is up and running and hopefully will be going for a while and i hope it fits into the family links . Here are the details: 1. http://www.labrador-dogs.co.uk 2. Labrador Dogs. 3. It's a site that has information on all things Labrador Dog's but there is also information that is also relevant to all breeds of dogs and lot's of photos so you can give lot's of kisses to your sc
  7. My sites are back, great work TCH on a large scale attack. Will still watch for updates from you guys though.
  8. Three of my sites hacked Will wait for your update before anything.
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