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  1. The variables at play here are numerous and will vary from server setup(ram, os, php, database, number of accounts), amount of traffic/visitors, script version, plugins/add-ons, and even small things like rewrites or redirects. Without knowing all of these nor access to the other account, it will be hard to say where to start, but here are some basic things to check. Review your stats for increased or strange traffic(attacks, hot linking, etc). Review your error logs for repeat issues with scripts. Check the size and condition of your database - or in your case as this cms uses xml files, check the number of files in use. Check for any known issues with script developer for the cms and any plugins in use. Insure your install and all plugins are up to date. Review your .htaccess file, and custom php.ini settings if you have one. Check your cron jobs for issues. Ask host if these loads are persistent, occurring at a specific interval, or at the same times daily. Ask host if they can determine if its the entire cms or specific URL. Rare, but determine if there is a server issue, this is something only your host can do. If you or the host can narrow it down to a specific source then things will be a lot easier to improve or correct from there.
  2. Hi telcor, I apologize that no one has responded here quickly. The short answer is at the moment, no this theme is not available enabled on our shared/reseller hosting plans. The reason for this is that the paper lantern is and will remain a "Work in Progress" for cPanel for what appears to be at least a couple months. Part of me wants to applaud cPanel for jumping in with both feet on this theme, however, we really don't care to force our clients to be guinea pigs after watching the X4 theme development being outright halted in January. With that said, If you really want to take it for a spin, just open a ticket and we will gladly get you switched over to the new theme.
  3. TCH-Dick

    New To Wordpress

    You will run into the auto-complete/auto-fill feature on many forms including WordPress, but you are seeing it because your browser allows it. To deal with this from your browser(Chrome), check out their help section on How to use Autofill. If you want to deal with this on a code level so it affects everyone you would need to set the autocomplete="off" tag in your forms. <form action="wp-comments-post.php" method="post" id="commentform" class="comment-form" novalidate="" autocomplete="off"> <p class="comment-form-author"> <label for="author">Name <span class="required">*</span></label> <input id="author" name="author" value="" size="30" aria-required="true" type="text" autocomplete="off"> </p> </form> You can disable this feature for the entire form as shown in Line1 or for just one field as show in Line 4. Your mileage will vary on what and where to edit depending on your theme or potentially the plugins you have in use.
  4. This is a method I have not tested but give it a try, just add this to the top of your .htaccess file, SetEnvIfNoCase Referer ugg spammer=yes SetEnvIfNoCase Referer vuitton spammer=yes Order allow,deny Allow from all Deny from env=spammer
  5. I have reviewed this issue and I do agree with the final assessment of your ticket which I will quote below. However, I do think our staff took the long way around before relaying this to you and I will address that matter with them. With that said, I have disabled the feature that causes this during the times that SpamAssassin is down. Please understand though that with this disabled, your mail can be delayed for a few minutes. Since this is a shared server, we will have to gauge how well this works based on how it affects all clients, which means we may have to enable it again. For now we will continue to monitor the spam and email services to see if there are any other issues at play. Thank you for patience during this matter and do not hesitate to contact me directly via email, phone, or just request that your tickets are escalated to me. I will insure you are provided the level of support you expect.
  6. I don't know yet what you found on cPanel nor what our techs told you but from what I see in this thread, this issue is not resolved and is not acceptable. Concerning emails not being scanned, that is unfortunately an intentional setup for when SpamAssassin fail. If this was not allowed then email would back up in the queue until it was working again, making email unusable. I will review this now to determine if this is actually the case, as well as flog my staff if needed.
  7. The limit of 10 is just a limit on how many you can park via your cPanel account, it used to be zero. Anything beyond that limit and you would need to submit a ticket and we can add them for you. If you are under this limit and still unable to park one yourself, please drop in a ticket so we can check things out.
  8. We are experiencing downtime across two switches in our facility and we are in the process of tracking this issue. The following servers are affected: ansek chewbacca d117 d136 d142 d17 d19 d319 d36 d58 d64 d76 endor luke plavin redqueen troy unni Thanks for your patience and we will post updates here as we progress.
  9. Other than a "space" you should be able to use all standard punctuation, symbols, numbers, and letters on your keyboard.
  10. We are running a disk check on this server now, should have it back online shortly.
  11. It has been a long time since I have used Access and I may be reading your post wrong, however one thing does stand out to me that needs to be checked. You stated in step 7 to select "SQL" driver, but you should be selecting the "MySQL" driver. If you haven't installed the OBDC driver for MySQL, you can get the last connector at http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/connector/odbc/
  12. Hi, I can see that your site is still on the wrong name servers and not loading. To save you from any further issues, I am having our techs move your account to a server that matches your current name server settings. Your site should start resolving within the next couple of hours.
  13. This has no affect on the migration of the server Portland, this is only for our internal DNS server.
  14. If they need access via a browser and you have are using .htaccess to secure it, then you would need to provide them the details for that. If they need access to upload files, you will need to create an FTP account for them. If you you are not sure on setting it up for them, just drop in a ticket and our techs can get it sorted for you.
  15. Thanks for the additional information, I deal with a lot of code at times and I mostly just dabble on the design side of things as needed. As for our shared and reseller products, they have the same limitations when it comes to services that require shell access.
  16. My first comment would be that SASS is not the only CSS preprocessor out there, nor is there much of industry standard at this point in time. However. if I had to pick a forerunner today it would be LESS, with SASS slightly running behind it. Note that I make this statement based purely on my dabbling with them, as at this time there is no real information to quantify a leader. Concerning TotalChoice servers, it is correct we do not currently offer Ruby nor SSH on shared hosting, both of which go hand in hand for any real use of Ruby. I won't say this will never change, but at this time is not a product we are offering. At the end of the day it is still just CSS and will render in a browser, you just can't compile your CSS directly on our servers, but you can run your compiled CSS on our servers. There are many tools available for Windows, Mac, and Linux OSes that allow you to compile and edit locally. So far I have only played with scout on Windows as I do most of my local editing on Linux, and because dabbling is about all I have done so far. I know hearing that you are limited to local compilation is probably not what you would like to do, however, it is an option to make use of SASS for your sites on our servers.
  17. Hi jberg, Thanks for bringing this up, I know this is something i addressed with you here back in August of 2012. While progress has been slow there have been some changes made per our previous discussion. The first being the email notices prior to expiration , which it appears are in need of some tweaking, so I have asked our team to get that sorted. Regarding the other issues you mentioned, we do have now have this product integrated into our hosting billing now. As beautiful as the new integration is, I am not happy with it at this time because it requires too much action from our clients, which we feel you should not be responsible for. Just for the fun of it though, here are a couple of samples from February of the new integration. Since I am not happy with this we have added a new bundle to our system which we are rolling out soon along with changes to our IP address products and policies. Once we have worked out new pricing details and procedures, we will then begin using this bundle. This will eliminate many of the issues you mentioned, including payment records. Here is a sample of what the bundle purchase will most likely look in the end. Concerning the resubmitting of the certificate information, this is a two fold issue as it is needed every time and sometimes clients have a need to change them. However, we will be eventually addressing this procedurally on our end to provide an option to review or resubmit. As for auto renewal on certificates, at this time we are going to continue to focus on notification, improved procedures, and eventually additional SSL products. Thank you for the feedback and I hope I was able to address all of your concerns. Please let us know if you or anyone has any additional questions or feedback, we will do our best to address them here.
  18. No problem, I just wanted to cover all bases as both can cause issues. If you start getting any more warnings, please let us know and we can investigate further.
  19. Are you forwarding all of or a large amount of your email to gmail? If so this is potentially a source of the block as gmail will see the fowarded mail as coming from you or your server, which can be made worse if spam emails are being fowarded. If you are getting spam from these fowards and then marking them as spam, gmail would then assume the adddress you fowarded it from or your server is the source. Since i do not know how you are handling your fowards, the above is only an assumption based on past issues we have seen with fowarding all emails. The reccomended thing to do in such a case is add a Filter to gmail for your server hostname and your domain, to "Never send it to Spam". You should also make sure that you delete any unwanted fowarded mail and never mark it as spam. However, if you are using gmail as your primary source of viewing mail, I would replace the forwards with the use of gmail's POP3 feature and pull your email directly into gmail.
  20. You are correct, and this server has been rebooted 3 times this month due to memory issues. Prior to this month there were network issues that affected everyone, which is why we started network upgrades. We have scheduled a hardware check this week for Inysh to see what we can do to resolve this.
  21. We do not run any server side caching that would cause this. WordPress has a great article on this at http://codex.wordpress.org/I_Make_Changes_and_Nothing_Happens , hopefully it will help you track down the source. If you continue to have issues, please let us know and we can dig deeper.
  22. That sounds correct and is a good plan, but here are a couple things to consider. _ If the current site is using a host with cPanel, we can then take backup and restore here. This will bring everything over and just require a DNS change to get the site resolving to our server. _ If you prefer to do the redesign first, especially with WordPress you should be aware if a couple issues with access over IP.: __ Any rewrites needed for htaccess will not work until the domain resolves. __ For WordPress you would need to set the site URL to the IPaddress~uesername that we provide for temporary access. Then after changing the DNS you would edit the WordPress settings to use the domain name. If posting content while using the IPaddress~uesername, you would need to edit the database to change any URL references in the content, which is something we can do for you. I hope this helps and please let us know if you have any other questions.
  23. This server now has a new temporary IP address for mail. If anyone continues to have issues related to email block, please update or open a new support request. Thanks for you patience.
  24. To clarify what should have been said, there is nothing we can do about the outrageous amount of block lists with varying reasons/protocols for blocking nor is there any thing we can do to remove a block from SenderBase directly. About what we can do: It is actually much simpler for us to accomplish than that, with very few *side affects and it would only be changed long enough to allow the shared IP of that server to "cool off". This can be done with a simple change of two files on the server, and is a common setup when we need it. Considering the frequency of the recent blocks on this server, there is no reason why it has not been requested by our techs to have this implemented already, while continuing to work the issue. Thank you bringing this to my attention and I have already requested our Support Manager implement this change immediately.
  25. I have had the new theme installed on my personal server for a couple of weeks now in the trial mode, although many features are currently greyed out and not usable. I really like the full width layout and it loads well on my android tablet. To me it is much easier on the eyes, the new colors in the sidebar stats stand out nicely as do the few sample icons that were posted to their forums. I think the greatest change so far is that simple tasks such as changing a password, will provide validation on the same page. As for the white text on the orange header, my understanding is that part of the theme will not be there in the final release. If anyone has any feedback/suggestions about the look or functionality of the new theme, then just let us know and we will gladly pass it on.
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