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  1. No argument from us on that. If your issues were related to the recent defacement attacks, which I can see that appears to be the case on your Joomla ticket, then our techs should have informed you of such. Failure of that sort will be deserving of some head knocking on our end, that I assure you. However, I do see one recent incendent, that while that site would have been affected by the defacement, the other isssues were due to a site level attack, like ftp or a script. Regardess of the reason on either, if you feel you any of those tickets are not fully resolved or answered, please update them again and requesst review from a mananger.
  2. Thanks to all of your reports and further review, we were able to identify what files we didn't restore during our initial fix. Which as you have seen would be any index file that was not named index.php. We have now completed a new run to restore these files. In order to not undo changes or restores you have already done, this run to into account the following before restoring. -was the file one we logged during our initial fix -if so, was the file missing in public_html -if so, was the file not equal to index.php -if so, was the backup file clean of the defacement -if so, restore Thank you all again for your patience and please let us know if you continue to have issues.
  3. This maintenance was delayed but has now been completed.
  4. Due to this issue we are going ahead with kernel reboots that we had scheduled for June. These reboots are rolling out now 10 servers at at time, A-Z by host name and should have a downtime of less than 5 minutes per server. As always, if there reboot takes an excessive amount of time, we will post to the appropriate server forum.
  5. Mail issue should be corrected, please check it out and let us know if it doesn't work.
  6. Please check now and let us know if you still have issues.
  7. Please check now and let us know if you still have issues.
  8. Please try your site now and let us know if the issue is cleared up.
  9. While we are planning to phase out PHP 5.2 on all our servers, we have currently only made this move on new servers and those that have been restored recently. We will be making an effort to not have it set as the default for all accounts, however, this would not cause the issues you are seeing. I am now reviewing this with our staff to determine the cause, so we can get your site in working order. As for PHP versions and updating scripts, we always recommend that everyone keep their scripts up to date and do so as soon as possible. We have never moved our systems from one major version to another, such as 4 to 5 or 5.2 to 5.3, without proper announcement or a stop gap solution. I assure you when the time comes that we choose to no longer support dual versions on any of our servers, and it will, we will make a full announcement.
  10. The short answer is, no, vista can not do this. However, there are tools out there, just search for things like vista taskbar shuffle or vista taskbar hacks and you will find a few tools just for this.
  11. Hi jberg, You didn't miss an announcement, as this was supposed to just be routine updates on the servers related to the latest release of cPanel. Unfortunately, it had a negative side effect of updating all DNS zones to our name server clusters, that it in all honestly we just did not expect. Once we were aware of it we stopped the mass updates to our shared servers and are allowing the DNS updates to run out. At this time DNS services are not down, however it may appear down from some locations depending on what DNS server you hit. We do apologize for this and I will look into changing our notifications for even routine thing in the future.
  12. At the time this option was added and I am not aware it changing, SPF can have a negative affect on external forwarding if the recipient does not check the headers properly. Other than that, you should have no issues nor do you need to make any changes to your email client.
  13. Fantastico is maintained by a Netenberg, and they can be a bit slow on adding new software at times. Especially in cases for things like Joomla 2.5.1, as it is not a simple upgrade and requires more of a migration. This is the same issue we seen with Joomla 1.5 and why it is listed as separate installs in Fantastico. We have sent off a notice to Fantastico at this time regarding the newer version of Joomla, but as usual I am not expecting to receive an ETA from them. If they respond, I will update you here.
  14. They sneak up on me every year, so I went for three years this time. Sorry for any issues.
  15. You would just create a file named .htaccess in your mp3 dir and add the following line to that file. >deny from all As for your download script, that is all going to depend on how you choose to code it and what scripting language you choose.
  16. Personally I would store all the files in a directory with an htaccess using the single line "deny from all". Then I would just give my links out as example.com/download.php?song=some.mp3. Doing so in this manner would completely eliminate the direct access and depending on your download script, possible hide the actual file path.
  17. Your function is just returning the value of $setup_fee and wouldn't pass along exit() to the rest of the script. Just temporarily add exit() directly after you echo the returned value of get_setup_fee().
  18. You can redirect that URL via a standard redirect in htaccess or via port. However, SSL negotiation occurs before any redirection takes place, therefore, if you have no SSL certificate installed then the redirect will never complete.
  19. Yes, there is now a simple DNS Editor in your cPanel, which will allow you to edit A records and CNAME records. There are some limits related to some records that may already exist by default, like "mail." and "ftp.", which we can change for you.
  20. Thanks for the kind words and thanks for choosing us for your dedicated server.
  21. Hi Andrew, Your server is running on the Courier-IMAP service.
  22. Well I didn't have much to go on without a support ticket or account information, however, I was finally able to locate both of your accounts. After reviewing your new account information and the server logs, I found that you signed up using the email **m****@************.com but your email account is **mm****@************.com. I have now updated your new billing account with your active email account and resent your welcome email, which contains your cPanel information. Thanks for your patience and please let us know if you need any further assistance.
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