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  1. Greetings, On Friday May 6, 2011 at 9:PM EST, we are beginning phase one of our planned upgrade to PHP 5.3 on all shared/reseller servers. As always we are selecting one server for this upgrade, we then expect to complete a full roll out before the end of May. I will be updating the forum for the selected server shortly and Ryan will be updating this notice later tonight with some technical insight into this planned upgrade. Please see Ryan's follow up concerning the details of this update. We will post in the Server Forum for each individual server at least one day in advance of any PHP updates. We will also post any relevant information via twitter. Thanks for your time and let us know if you have any questions.
  2. "So, I assume the plan is to crawl through the sewer, work our way to the shield generator, fight our way through the defenses, blow up the generator, knocking out the shield and all our troops swarm in and overwhelm the enemy."
  3. Hi Joanne, We are reviewing this option over the next week and will be doing some testing. I will make sure that we get you an update here regardless of how we decide to proceed.
  4. Until you can configure that notebook to leave a copy on the server when popping, your only real option would to be forward that mail to another address for now. This would give you a copy of the mails and can be removed at anytime.
  5. This will depend on how you are sending the emails such as sendmail or using smtp functions. I can tell you that you would need to throttle your emails down to under 200 per minute or less to have any success. There is also an hourly limit well below the amount you intend to send, so would need to take that into consideration. Please open a ticket to tech support and they can give you more detailed information concerning the current rates on your server.
  6. Glad to hear you got an answer and sorry for the slow reply. Just in case anyone else comes across this, here is the short answer: -Log into your cPanel. -Locate and click the Email Accounts icon. -At the end of the fist text box(where you enter the new email@ name)you will find a dropdown box. -This dropdown will contain a list of any parked domains as well as any sub domains you have created. -Select the domain you want to use and complete the new Email Account setup.
  7. It's not so much a preference as it is a recommendation to prevent issues for the average user. This is because most of the time someone is looking to make a change to a specific script, were as setting a php.ini file can have a broader effect if set for the entire site. Depending on your needs you may use either, but note that there are caveats in using either method: - php.ini files are directory dependent, adding a php.ini to public_html will NOT affect directories below public_html. If needed site wide, you must add the proper entry to .htaccess ****using the site wide php.ini method via .htaccess can have an affect on cPanels tools such as the redirect editor. Once you choose this option you would need to edit redirects via the file manager. - .htaccess php flags do not directly translate to the same strings in php.ini, for example: htaccess php_value(upload_max_filesize 64M) is not the same as php.ini (upload_max_filesize = 64M) - .htaccess is limited in what options can be set - .htaccess files normally have a recursive limit of 2 directories, therefor for entries to affect a script deeper than 2 directories, a new .htaccess file may have to be added to the deeper directory.
  8. Thanks for again for your patience during all this and we are going to start making more use of the twitter account. We have also started some changes to insure regardless of any issues, clients can still monitor things. We will complete those changes in the coming weeks and as always we will announce them.
  9. Please see thread http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=41259 for detailed information.
  10. I hope you don't mind but I split this off into its own thread. We are still working on this issue for a remaining server (ambria) and I assure you that we will post more information as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience during this issue and you can also find updates at http://twitter.com/#!/totalchoicehost
  11. Reseller hosting is a bit of a different beast, therefore there were no price increases. However, the plans did increase the same day as the shared plans. You can view the new reseller plans at http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/web-hosting-resellers.html . If you are not seeing the increase please contact the help desk, as your account my not be configured to our current setup.
  12. Suppressing with @ does work, but I prefer to use trigger_error() to output custom errors without exposing too much.
  13. Due to the numerous requests to revert the change in the log in method, I decided to review this issue further with the entire TCH team. We have determined that is no no real security implication compared to the cookie only method. Therefore we are currently restoring the old "pop up" method at this time. Concerning issues with web mail, they are possible related to recent updates in the versions provided by cPanel, but are unrelated to the login changes. If you are still having issues with your web mail please drop a ticket in to us and we will dig deeper. Thanks
  14. Hi jberg, Sorry for the late reply and you nailed the reason why. This change was part of the recent cPanel update and its new security policies. We know that sometimes these changes can be a real pita, but we do our best to insure we try to balance security with usabality. I appreciate your feedback though and hope you don't kill us for the change. Please let us know anytime you have concerns, like, or don't like something. I can't promise we can always change something or even revert a change, but I assure we will listen with an open mind.
  15. Hi, You fill out that form for account cancellation. It only has a place for the domain of one package and only the package you list will be canceled.
  16. You are not being a pain at all. As for billing department it is not open on the weekends, but it is checked occasionally. The most likely cause for not receiving an immediate welcome email is having an outstanding invoice. Unfortunately, this would include any invoice that is up for renewal for the upcoming month. This is something we are looking into to prevent and someone is reviewing your new order now to get your welcome email sent out.
  17. You would use the path /home/cpanel_username/public_html/downloads/filename
  18. Tim, Sorry to hear about your bad experience with Noah's Classifieds, but your post has been removed. Hijacking threads to post the same complaint you have posted all over the net, just doesn't work around here. You are more than welcome to join our community but please don't just use it to drive your little campaign. I seen your same post in the WordPress forums this morning. I man come one, really? What in the world does WordPress have to do with this? Good luck.
  19. Have you tried the Web Disk option in your cPanel under the Files section?
  20. Unfortunately that type of access is not provided in a shared environment as it just results in problems for other users. If you continue to have issues, feel free to open a ticket with the help desk. Short of trying to use htaccess to host more than one site, which is a TOS violation, we will gladly assist with any rewrite issues.
  21. These directives are not allowed in .htaccess, please see httpd.apache.org/docs/2.0/mod/mod_rewrite.html#rewritelog . Most errors will show up in your cPanel under Logs > Error Log, if you are not able to find an issue there you will need to open a ticket.
  22. When you say "doc" I assume you mean MS Office or one of its components? If this is the case, support for animated gifs was removed a few years ago when they replaced IE for rendering certian objects in Office.
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