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  1. set the following in your .htaccess, adjust to your username and path to the php.ini you want to be global. With php.ini in root of site >suPHP_ConfigPath /home/CPANELUSER OR with php.ini in public_html >suPHP_ConfigPath /home/CPANELUSER/public_html
  2. php.ini files only affect the directory they are in unless you set it site wide via .htaccess, It will also only affect php info in the same manner, as well as it will not affect the php info that is provided in cPanel itself. Please let us know how deep you want the changes to affect and if you are using cPanel php info option to look for changes.
  3. All services related to this switch are now back online. If you have are still having issues reaching your site, please open a ticket.
  4. We replaced a bypass switch that was not failing over properly and all network services have been back online for the last 30 minutes. We are still performing some maintenance but this should have no major affect on connectivity.
  5. We are currently experiencing a network outage, which we are investigating now to return services to normal as soon as possible. We will post updates here once we have more information.
  6. Yes, you can do that with no problem. In fact we no longer prorate sales and all new orders renew on the date of purchase versus the first of the month.
  7. OK I see whats going on, I can correct that in the database for you. It just looking in the wrong place, the URLS for media and uploads should still point to the path /wordpress.
  8. I added a blank index.html to this directory as it will override index.php, so we don't cause any actual issues to WordPress. Then I created a redirect for the index.html file only, again so it doesn't affect WordPress. Now any one visiting http://www.lauralohr.com/wordpress directly, should end up on the main page. I'm heading out for a while, but please check that out and let me know if you are still having issues.
  9. Are they missing in the admin panel or on your post or pages? What is the name of one of the images that you can not see?
  10. You are welcome and glad I could help, sometimes WordPress just needs a swift kick to get it to do what you want. As for that last error, it should be fixable and I will poke it at in a bit. One other thing though, I did see a couple of issues with your Reviews pages and/or links. They appear to be related to the Thesis plugin, you probably just need to check that any links you set up there now match the new URL.
  11. OK, updated the .htaccess rules as they saved again from the first URL change. It's always something simple that you overlook. Clear your browser cache out or just close and restart it, then poke around. Except for some database entries that need to be cleaned up, reviewing that now, I think it is working as you want.
  12. Yeah, I missed something, but it has been a while since I pulled this off. I am checking for a fix to that issue now.
  13. http://www.lauralohr.com/3008/blogher-2012-my-thoughts-and-critiques/ should be working now but it will take some databases changes to correct the old links. I have some MySQL queries that I can run shortly to make those changes. Also, you can now change your URL settings back to what they were to support the new setup. Which was: WordPress Address (URL) http://www.lauralohr.com/wordpress Site Address (URL) http://www.lauralohr.com These settings translate to WordPress Address (URL) = Install path and Site Address (URL) = URL you want to display. To get to this point I removed all the redirects in your main htaccess and deleted the /wordpress htaccess. I then added the WordPress rewrite rules to your main htaccess. Finally I edited the main index.php in public_html to be require('./wordpress/wp-blog-header.php');
  14. I am reviewing your redirects and general .htaccess setup now. I may be able to sort what you want based on the settings you have listed, just by adjusting your .htaccess and index file.
  15. There could be an issue with how you have you redirects setup so that your install loads from /public_html/wordpress(which is your install path) versus just /public_html. If /public_htm/wordpress is were you originally installed your WordPress, then you having changed your install path. Check out what you have set for WordPress Address (URL) and Site Address (URL) in your wp-admin under General options. As for the .htaccess entries, they should have been added by WordPress, with no interaction from you. If they can not be added by WordPress, you would have received a notice on the permalinks screen. If you cant find the root cause, please open a ticket with your WordPress admin information and I will gladly review the setup for you.
  16. There are so many options and reason to use each option for permalinks that I am hesitant to really suggest one, as it really depends on your needs and desires. However, I recommend reading this excellent article on permalinks, which touches on SEO as well as some caveats that affect things like getting listed in Google News. http://docs.appthemes.com/tutorials/wordpress-permalink-structure/ Concerning that plugin, unless you have changed your domain name or your install path/directory, then I highly recommended that you don't use it. The WordPress permalinks settings and mod_rewrite rules in your .htaccess will take care of everything, That is WordPress will automatically do the work of changing/redirecting http://www.lauralohr.com/?p=123 to http://www.lauralohr.com/sample-post , if some one follows the old style URL. You can see this in action on the WordPress news blog at http://wordpress.org/news/?p=30 .
  17. I am unable to locate a recent ticket for either of your hosting accounts nor should we have any outstanding tickets needing a reply after 3 days for hosting support. Is it possible you sent an email to our domain department for this request? If it was to our hosting desk, then please let me know the ticket # and we will get it sorted for you asap. If you didn't receive a ticket #, then please open a ticket at https://support.totalchoicehosting.com (you do not have to login to submit a ticket) and request that the domain be parked on your hosting account.
  18. We run the latest recommended cPanel version, which removed the user settable "rewrite header subject" option years ago as well as SpamAssassin v3.3.1. If your other host is displaying the "rewrite header subject" option, they are either running an older cPanel version or they are running SpamAssassin in the legacy transport based mode, which is not recommended. We also have the default option of "Global Subject Rewrite" enabled and set to prefix " ***SPAM*** " onto the subject of detected emails. If you see these marked emails will depend on what options you select in SpamAssassin, for example if you choose to Auto-Delete Spam or send them to a Spam Box, then you may never see these emails. There are also additional filter options in the mail section that allow you to further filter emails based on SpamAssassin header information. As with any spam software, SpamAssassin will not catch everything, however, if you still have issues with spam then please open a ticket and we will gladly take a look. .
  19. Did you get this resolved? From what I read the plugin itself adds entries to .htaccess, did you check to see if that occurred?
  20. The only shared servers we have that are not running PHP 5.2 are those that have recently been restored or migrated, and Alderaan is not one of these servers. However, PHP 5.2 was not working on this server due to recent standard Apache update, which has now been corrected. While we were corecting this issue, we commented out the the PHP 5.2 option from your .htacess so the site would load and it appears to be running just fine on PHP 5.3. Since the site has no issues running now, we have left it on PHP 5.3. I reccomend you leave it running on PHP 5.3, but If you do need 5.2 it is there, just unncomment the line in your .htacces file. I still stand by my statement that "I assure you when the time comes that we choose to no longer support dual versions on any of our servers, and it will, we will make a full announcement." Until then we will look into the source/reason for the blanket upgrade statement by our staff.
  21. Great tip SteveW! We actually see this a lot and sometimes I wish cPanel would force not allowing use of the main cPanel user as a MySQL user. I always recommend that you create at least one separate MySQL user for your databases. If you choose to use the main cPanel user for MySQL, just remember to update your scripts if your password changes. For reference, the following are services that are affected when your cPanel password changes: system(cPanel user password) ftp(only affects access via main cPanel user) mail(the default mail account cPanelUser@) MySQL(only affects access via main cPanel user)
  22. No argument from us on that. If your issues were related to the recent defacement attacks, which I can see that appears to be the case on your Joomla ticket, then our techs should have informed you of such. Failure of that sort will be deserving of some head knocking on our end, that I assure you. However, I do see one recent incendent, that while that site would have been affected by the defacement, the other isssues were due to a site level attack, like ftp or a script. Regardess of the reason on either, if you feel you any of those tickets are not fully resolved or answered, please update them again and requesst review from a mananger.
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