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  1. Hi Don - thanks for the quick response! Database is already there for existing 2.0.x board. I figured out the correct dbuser but don't remember password. Is there any way to just change the password? Would it cause problems with my existing board if I delete the dbuser and recreate it with same name but new password? - C
  2. Hi, I'm trying to install the new RC3 version of phpBB3-Olympus so I can upgrade existing board. I had installed an RC1 test board sucessfully a couple months ago but can't seem to get the SQL database/user info correct now that I'm trying to install to go live. These are the settings I'm trying to use - can anyone help me out? Database Type: MySQL Database server hostname or DSN: have tried localhost and blank Database server port: (blank) Database name: tchusername_databasename (current database name is phpbb1) Database username: tchusername_databaseusername Database password: Tried both tchuserpassword here and blank Prefix for tables in database: phpbb3_ I have 2 SQL users set up and can't remember which is attached to the database, but I tried both with and without password and I keep getting: Access denied for user 'user_phpbb1'@'localhost' or Access denied for user 'user_user'@'localhost' Would appreciate any help given! Peace, Caryn
  3. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction - instructions were clear once I knew where to find them. I have the board upgraded and running fine.
  4. I'm just getting started with phpBB and have a few questions. I installed the version in cpanel - 2.0.17, and have made a few changes to the default style. How do I upgrade to the latest release? Even though I'm just getting started I'd like to go through the upgrade process instead of re-installing from scratch so I know how to do it once the BB is live. If I ask the help desk to put the upgrade file in place for an automatic update from cpanel, what do I need to back up first? Or if I do the update manually do I also need to back up files first? And which file do I download from phpBB, where do I put it, and how do I execute the update - I didn't see instructions for how to do this specifically on a TCH site anywhere, and the instructions on the phpBB site just said to download and run the file, without any further details - my apologies if it's posted somewhere else in the forum. I'd appreciate any help anyone can provide, thanks.
  5. I'm researching how to set up online donations and sales of crafts for a church outreach program, and have found the prior posts here helpful, thanks. What would be the most cost effective way of doing this, that would allow people to use Visa and Mastercard for purchases? Do I understand correctly that if we go with OSCommerce and Paypal, people will still be able to pay by credit card? It also wasn't clear to me from the preceding posts whether we would need SSL or if Paypal handles that. Any advice appreciated. Caryn
  6. Please help me with this one - haven't been able to find an answer in the forums so far. I'm having a problem with a post to a mailman list (in which all users have self-subscribed) being reported to AOL as spam. Have not been able to figure out which list member did this, so I can remove them from the list - the recipient address is not included in the message forwarded from AOL. Is there a way to configure the list to display the recipient address in each post received, so if it happens again I can take care of it?
  7. Thanks a lot - that does exactly what I needed. Thumbs Up
  8. I'm trying to set up a mailing list that won't allow attachments. Is there any way to do this for the Mailman lists besides limiting size of emails? I see some settings under content filtering but am not sure what to include to filter out ALL attachments. Anybody out there able to help me with this?
  9. I would like to add my voice to the chorus of thanks and appreciation for TCH's superb web hosting service and support. I moved my first site over a few weeks ago and have been so pleased with the service I'm moving all my sites here under a reseller account. You're doing a great job! Rock Sign
  10. That's a great slideshow script Dave - I can make use of it too. (I like things that are easy to install. ) And thanks for posting the question, shadyDW. This is the best forum I've ever come across - everyone's so helpful!
  11. I'm another convert - after reading posts about mozilla on this forum I tried it and switched. I really like the tab feature.
  12. My thanks to Jim and Rick in tech support for looking into this, answering my questions clearly and taking prompt action to protect us from exploit attempts. Seems like every day I'm more impressed with the level of customer service here at TCH. Keep up the good work! Thumbs Up
  13. Thanks - I just followed your advice and opened a ticket.
  14. I got this mail delivery warning on one of my domain email accounts for something I didn't send. I'm not using formmail... Is someone trying to exploit formmail or spoofing sending address? What does it mean...do I need to be concerned?
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