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  1. Thanks Jim for getting to that for me and as for changing the images to something else I did do that and they got nice little messages. Normally that's not my style but they had been warned before, I changed file names and they went and got the new files anyway. It seems to be little punk kids (I know, I know, not all are like that) but these ones are just hell bent on being annoying. At last count I had about 15 images directly linked too and on some of those page views were in the 4000's. Mad!!! So yes, good deal I have enough bandwidth to not go over my limit at this point in time. Rock Sign Cant' wait to see what natimage remembers! Jece
  2. I have a direct linking problem with some of my graphics. I do have hotlink protection enabled but it seems that it is not working well enough. At the moment I have only a few sites that are allowed but it is not blocking any. I have changed the names of the files but it is getting old having to do this 6x's a week. Any suggestions? (Also, I don't want to place a no left click on my pages, I need them there as do the people who actually follow the rules.) Thanks, Jece *edit* I have contacted the people direct linking and either get no reply or a mouth that a sailor would blush at in return.
  3. What about something along the lines of Bingo/lotto numbers? Everyone would have a fair chance at it using a random generator. Everyone could pick their numbers, 6 or so, then to make sure everyone gets in wait a day or two and then HG could do the actual number selection. On that we could do a small scavanger hunt within TCH to look for hidden things, maybe use a small pixel art design, hide it within TCH pages in random spots. The ppl who find all the items can get an extra card or ticket. This way, there are no digital cameras for people who don't have them, time diff. dosen't matter, creativity is null, first to find isn't an issue.
  4. Seeing as it's a computer up for grabs-- How about best dressed computer? Take your current computer, dress it up in some sort of theme, wacky, tacky, historic (to represent those decomposing machines ) or the like. So basically, play dressup with your computer. Give it a face, some arms if wanted, ect. take a picture and then have a vote on which one takes the cake. It could be all themed, pick one theme and see who can represent it the best or just have it open ended I think also, seeing as I read it mentioned, that a lot of new members have come out of the woodwork, self included, that some may not have time to post & just like to read. That's alright though right? As in suggesting ideas for the contest. Jece
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