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  1. I have been involved in web page creation for about 9 years now both as a cool gee-whiz thing at work (cuz that's all it was 9 years ago! ) and as a web designer in a side business now. I have seen many hosts and had the personal (dis)pleasure of relying on 3 of them for all my sites which at this time is 6 full blown sites. One host was terrible from the start, down often and without any real support. The other was up most of the time but again, support was terrible and "most of the time" started becoming less and less. My last host was a one-man show and he did an awesome job - as far as a one-man show could. He had a denial of service attack that took me down the better part of three days. I feel bad for him that his provider couldn't or wouldn't do anything about it, but that shouldn't be my problem as his customer. I found TCH and saw the monitoring stats... for the past three months (that was all they showed) it was up 100% of the time! I had to find out more! I came to this site and sought out the reseller section. "WOW those prices are great!" I thought to myself as I nosed around some more. I then found some reviews of the site and they were all glowing except for the fake ID card maker and the spammer and a couple of other jerks. I saw Bill's reply to those and I knew this was the kinda guy I could get along with! He was not cruel but he was firm and most of all he was a straight shooter! Then I found the Family Forums. That cinched it! You guys are the greatest and it shows in every post on here. Never before have I felt part of an online family. Sure I was a big gamer back in the day I had freetime but even then those guys were aligning for a common good, be it to fool you into letting down your guard so they could shoot you or to get you to take the blast from the dragon so they could get the gold. Not here! You folks are real and it is very much like a family. I have since then signed up, asked a question, gotten tons of welcomes and answers to that question within a day, read a ton of stuff, been impressed with the cpanel that the previous host was too cheap to buy, set up all my accounts, transferred the DNS records to TCH and started uploading my sites. I do have a very real complaint! My DSL is way too slow when uploading gigs of web stuff!!! Too bad TCH doesn't do DSL or I am sure that problem would be fixed just as fast as the ones I've seen mentioned here and experienced on my own. And that doesn't even go into the monsters they have for servers and all the techno-geek stuff! You guys are all truly the best and I count myself truly blessed that I found this home. Great job - let's go take the Internet! Jim Sewell - Key West, FL
  2. Archive the internet? It's been done! I love this site: http://www.archive.org/ Just go to the middle of the page where it says WAYBACK MACHINE and put in a url and click a date and see if it's there. It's hillarious to see what, say, netscape.com looked like in October 1996! It's also scary to see some of my old pages too!
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