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  1. Also, Win has not once given me a dependency error, misconfigured X, made me compile from source, or any of the other 45 errors that linux has from time to time.

    How about "Windows has encountered an error and must close"? I get a lot of that at work. I've seen blown user profiles making a system useless, spyware that makes the whole system useless, just today I saw an un-updated Office crash out every time it opened an email with a photo in it because the OS made some changes. It's all relative I guess.


    I never compiled my linux from source - ever. Every system has errors. I just wanted to make the point that what we consider intuitive is only so because we've used Windows or been exposed to it in TV programs, commercials, copy-cat game sytems, etc. If you take someone who has never seen a computer they'd be as much at a loss with Windows, Mac and Linux - none are truly intuitive... it's just what we've been exposed to in our day-to-day lives.


    Obligatory on-topic comment: Since Bill is a guru he'd be fine with any of them. I'd say Linux is the most stable (and apparently Apple agrees since OSX is based on it) as long as it has the programs or clones of the programs he wants to use.

  2. Greylisting involves the receiving server, for example TCH, telling the server sending us email, for example AOL, that we're too busy right now and try again shortly. Most spammers currently do not use well behaved servers so when they get the "try again" error they just move on to the next victim. Servers that follow the standard are required to try to send the email again.


    In addition, the extra time that it takes to get the 2nd attempted delivery also gives the spam blockers the opportunity to blacklist that site/email as spam so even if a spammer sends a retry it will, by then, be blacklisted.


    If you don't mind the slight delay then it sounds like a great tool to add to an anti-spam arsenol.

  3. As was said, it won't stop any but the most basic users and it also "annoys the snot" out of me as well. You can't rely on it for security so why do it at all? I'd think a nice disclaimer at the top of the page "Remember, these pics are copyrighted by me so please don't steal them." would be more effective.

  4. Something to think about: Is Windows "stupid friendly" or just what we have come to know through casual encounters with it?


    Ex: double click? Click the Start button to shut down? and a bazillion others. If we never had Windows and only had, say, Ubuntu, would it be considered "stupid friendly"? ;)

  5. If you want to post what you are using you can probably enclose it in CODE and /CODE inside brackets. I'll add an extra space here to show you what I mean.


    [ CODE]put your code in here but take out the spaces next to the brackets. [ /CODE]


    Remember to remove any private information such as IM user names - these forums are very well ranked and any spiders out there looking for things like that will definitely see it.

  6. The mail sending protocols are set up such that if a server is unreachable the sending machine, or the last one along the route, stores up the email and tries again, usually in 24 to 48 hours and often 2 or 3 times, before throwing it out and bouncing a "could not deliver" message back to you.


    Because of the way the internet works, I've never heard of a company with backup precautions against losing email in case of an outage. By the time you get everything switched over to a new machine (mail routes and such) the first server would be repaired and you'd still have lost certain emails were it not for the resend protocols.

  7. Maybe Americans should just learn to spell then we wouldn't have this problem. I should invent a time machine and kill Webster x-(
    Maybe Brits should just learn to write great programs so they could include their messed up dictionary in it as default! :D


    Just kidding my UK friends (ex-friends?). I really wish we would start spelling things like the English because I end up spelling things that way more often than not. I frequently spell colour and theatre and have no idea how that came to be - lived in the States all my life and grew up in the country. Maybe they just couldn't spell right? lol


    Anyway, MS will never incorporate FF with their release - according to the license they wouldn't be able to monopolize and capitalize (rip everyone off) with it.


    HG's right. As much as MS has done to forward computing they have done in reverse and today they screw more stuff up than they do right. It used to be pretty cool when they were smallish and the only game around but today with them being mega huge and so many others around putting them to shame it is just sad.

  8. Although people here have the right to speak their opinions, it does get grey when they start inciting hate acts, conversing across state lines about a crime (such as his site advising another to burn a cross in someone's yard for instance,) etc. We also are provided the right to associate with whom we please which would be exercised in your case by the steps Bruce gave.


    What can be done depends on who the host is. If they would be shocked and horrified by it (maybe) or if they have an AUP against such things (more likely) it would be beneficial to inform them. Sometimes, however, the host is the jerk - uhm, I mean person in question and it does no good.


    Why do there have to be so many haters in the world?

  9. Thanks Mike! Nothing like knowing one's options!


    Bill, it's like "what computer should I buy?" questions - it depends on your technical level (not a prob for you), your must haves, your wanna haves and your sense of adventure in learning something new. I will say that there are very few things that don't have Linux counterparts unless you need to collaborate with others using Windows so feel free to experiment!

  10. Microsoft's evil. I only use Windows XP at home on my main machine because of a couple of apps. One is a game I like (City of Heroes) a lot and another is MS Publisher for a daycare newsletter because that's what they have and they want to be able to make final edits in case I mess up a name or something. Those 2 things alone are why I'm with Windows.


    My laptop is running Ubuntu Linux and has been for almost a year. If I could do everything I need/want to while working with everyone I must, I'd switch to Linux in a heartbeat.


    I tried dual boot for awhile but it seemed I was in XP for something and it was just too much trouble to restart.

  11. You may want to have your customers and subcontractors contact their ISPs and voice their displeasure at them using SORBS in the first place. You could recommend they have the ISP they use check out the Wikipedia SORBS page and read how they are compared to extortionists. Some blacklists are useful but others are far more harmful than the spam is.


    By the way, SORBS has blocked Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo! according to the article - go figure.

  12. I didn't see this anywhere in the forums. The most excellent (IMO) email program Eudora which has a lot of great features has gone Open Source! Well, actually it's going OS. This is the last release that is paid and then they are teaming up with Thunderbird. They aren't saying it but I'm guessing they will eventually merge into one "Eudorabird" product. (I hope they don't call it that! :) )


    Read a little about it at Wired Magazine.


    I purchased Eudora about 15 years ago if memory serves and it simply rocks - For portability I switched to Gmail since it's web based but I'm anxious to see where they end up with this!

  13. Although I agree with Bruce about being a professional and doing things professionally, there is a limit. Sometimes people get so caught up into political correctness it's disturbing.


    Prior to my current job I worked for a video game (via the Internet) developer and one day he threw out for discussion a concern he had that we may be sued by visually impaired people. That would be like a person with

    suing Fender because he can't play the guitar. Obviously from the link it's not impossible :) but there are some things that you just can't do with certain disabilities.


    It is especially important, though, if the site receives public monies (a government site for ex.).

  14. it's a myth that Firefox is 100% W3C compliant. Bascially they are editing the reports to suit their ends. Nobody ever said Firefox was 100% W3C compliant. They said it is MORE compliant than IE, which isn't saying much.
    So to say it is 100% W3C compliant would be a myth. :) (btw, there are people out there saying it, just none of them work on the FF project.)


    They also say about Firefox not displaying all web pages correctly. Wrong. Firefox displays the pages correctly according to the W3C standards. The pages don't render as they writer wants because they only tested he page in IE and we all know IE allows sloppy HTML/CSS.
    So the Acid 2 test by The Web Standards Project is not correct in how it checks standards ?


    Opera is the most secure browser. This is for the same reason that there are only a handful of viruses written for Linux. People who write viruses and look for exploits do so to get fame/infamy. They write viruses for Windows because it is the most used OS out there. They find exploits in IE because it is the most used browser. They find exploits in Firefox because it is open source but atleast the people who find viruses in Firefox do so and then (usualy) report the problem to Mozilla. Nobody bothers to find any exploits in Opera due to the fact it has a very very very small userbase.
    I have used this argument in MAC vs PC before, but it is flawed in at least one area. How much fame would a person get to be the one who was the **FIRST EVER** to exploit the inpenetrable, uncompromisable, incomparable Opera!?! You gotta admit, the draw of being the first would be enough to entice SOMEONE to try. By the way, Secunia says Firefox has 32 open, unpatched flaws. Using your argument and the current browser market shares, Firefox would be safe from hacks too because it's only a tiny percentage of the market. ;)


    I'm not firefox bashing, I use it and love it. I just don't like it when people buy into the hype about something being the next perfection piece and it's not. Everything has flaws.


    If you read the site with an open mind and follow the links you'll see that even if it is exaggerated in places, it's not total rubbish. The guy does back up his claims and evidence (which must be evaluated for it's merit) from others.

  15. Help desk is always a good for "piece of mind"


    You mean "peace of mind" don't you? :)


    The TCH helpdesk never gives people a piece of their mind unless they totally deserve it and even then they are almost always calm and helpful. This is the best customer service I know of in any industry!

  16. Madden, it's always been the policy to not link to other hosts in the forums. It's like walking through Circuit City with a huge sign saying "Better prices at Best Buy!" - it's just not allowed. It's not to stop you from going there or from admitting they exist - anyone can find out about other hosts - it's about free advertising for competition.


    Now, back to the topic at hand... I live in the US and not South Africa, but from my point of view, I'd never buy something from someone that I knew stored my credit card number besides just making the charge. I get real nervous if it's not a secured direct link to a processor that just takes money and throws away the number. Perhaps your clients are different, but for whatever it's worth, I'd see what I could do to process the card and trash the number.


    Also, while it's true I have to trust you at some point to not abuse my card, if it's done directly with a paypal type service I don't have to worry about the neighbor's kid sneaking in with a flash drive and copying all the card numbers stored in the database.


    The risk may be minimal, but the fear isn't and that's what you have to overcome to be successful in this.

  17. All I know is that I was a manager at a local McDonald's at the time and they came out and made us warn each customer who ordered coffee or hot chocolate that the ingredients were hot.

    Did you warn them that french fries were french or apple pies were apple? If it's part of the name it should be obvious! :) (I know they're not french!)

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