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  1. If I am understanding right, these pages are no longer there and have returned to their original place in public_html?


    As Google scans your site, it will find the pages where they are and it will see the ones that are no longer there and drop them after a few crawls so if your only concern is to make the links in Google to the Web Pages folder disappear it will happen by itself and probably can't be "hurried up" since Google works at Google-speed.


    If you have a good placement in Google for the pages in the Web Pages folder then you would want to do the permanent redirect from Cpanel or .htaccess so that placement will carry over to the public_html pages. If the public_html pages are ranking well on their own, especially if it's a young site, then the benefit of the redirect will be minimal.


    Edit (added): By the way, don't create "fake" pages -- either redirect or let Google sort it out and drop them. While I'm at it, insert standard disclaimer here that Google's not the only game in town. Don't neglect the other popular search engines people use because they are using portals such as AOL, MSN, etc.

  2. I found this information out today (it's from the middle of March but very pertinent to some):


    On Friday ICANN issued a formal notice — effective March 31, 2007 — terminating Registerfly’s status as an ICANN accredited registrar. This means, assuming Registerfly does not successfully challenge the decreditation in court, it will no longer be allowed to register domain names or to display the ICANN logo after March 31. (NOTE: For details surrounding the fiasco that resulted in Registerfly's decredidation, please see my two prior articles.)


    What this means is that anyone registered via RegisterFly or hosted there is in risk of their site going *poof*. There are allegations that one of the guys running the company used company money for cars, personal escorts, liposuction, South Beach (Miami) condos, etc. and ran the company into the ground. They also say that he locked the rest of them out of some of the servers.


    There are lots of folks that bought domains that say they never got registered and ICANN, the ruling organization over all domain names, has revoked their rights to be a registrar, pending appeal should they choose to do so. When the dust settles ICANN will approve a mass-transfer of the remaining domains to another registrar. You can find info about it at ICANN's website - there's a link on the front page about RegisterFly and what you can do if you use them.


    It's a real ugly situation and everyone dealing with them is in a tough spot. This makes me so much more grateful for TCH and the integrity from both them and the registrar they partner with to register domain names so that we never have to have these kinds of discussions about our sites!

  3. Hey!!! Who started the rumor that Quiznos isn't popular!?!


    That's the single best thing that's happened to Key West this week - they opened one here! Before that I had to drive 50 miles to get one and did so a few times a year. They are even talking about opening another one near where I work - Yay!


    Maybe the coyote was cold and wanted to get "toasty"? :)

  4. Overloaded servers. 1-person tech dept., 3 days of being down and posting in another forum they are not


    always up, full staff, great help, gift-giving, bang-for-the-buck host.


    It's a no-brainer.


    If he's a techno geek just tell him that TCH has their own IP block in their own data center - if not then just tell him it's a much nicer life never having to worry if your site will be up or not. Ask him if his current host will give him things like more bandwidth, more disk space, Fantastico, cPanel, etc etc at no extra charge?!?


    We'll set a place for him...

  5. It's an advert specifically about the security features in Vista. No need to start a Mac vs PC flamewar, just thought everyone frustrated with the "reject or allow" would get a kick out of that one particular ad.

  6. This is such a huge step for us. I really dont know if our clients will understand how large a step this is for TCH.

    It means that TCH is no longer a Budget Hosting Company but a full-blown Web Hosting Service Provider (with really cheap prices).


    Grats Bill - there's a ton of sweat and high standards you have put into this company and it's paid (paying) off. Kudos for maintaining the standards high when low would have been easy!

  7. Boy that really stinks, Bill. As a reseller/web designer it really burns me up when people do their clients badly like that! (Don't contact me to do your site - I'm booked solid and it's against the rules of the forum :) )


    One thing I can think of that may help is a pseudo backup that's done of "the internet" by the Internet Wayback Machine at archive.org - you can go there and put in your old URL and they may have a snapshot of your site. It's a long way from a proper backup but you, or a web-expert you deal with, may be able to salvage part of your site at least. They are very spotty and don't save all pages so depending on your site it may be anywhere from great to no help.


    Depending on your situation (contracts, etc) you may have some legal recourse against the reseller that did this to you as well, but that's far outside my realm so I'll leave it at that.


    Best wishes on getting up and functioning quickly though!

  8. Thanks for explanation. It is clear.

    My conclusion is that shared hosting on totalchoice are only for the sites with limited traffic (under 60.000 unique visitor monthly or about 2000 unique visitors daily).

    If your site start to grow up and you receive more visitors you need to look for another hosting because is not possible to change setting on member basis as other company do.


    Hi Deny,

    I have a reseller account on a shared server and am glad TCH puts limits on poorly behaving programs or overly trafficked accounts so that my accounts are kept safe from being bogged down.


    Might I suggest that a site that has over 2k uniques per day all doing the level of MySQL traffic you suggest may be better served on a dedicated server? You don't need to "look for another hosting" company as TCH has several dedicated and semi-dedicated options available. If, however, you wanted to be on a host that has 1000 accounts on the same server with 50 simultaneous connections I'm sure you could find it -- but I wouldn't count on good performance.


    I can understand how a site that is a hobby could become very successful, but one must expect to pay for that success and find ways to finance it either via paid ads or memberships, etc. If it's a business then that much traffic is a good problem and the dedicated server would be "the cost of doing business".


    I hope you can work it all out!

  9. Bill, thanks for the updates and even more for not taking the easy way out by saying "It's not our fault..." like so many others would have. Again, this is why TCH rules. Unfortunately, that kind of thing can happen and the providers probably don't keep track of blacklist status on addresses returned to them. At least we can be assured that you're "on it" and doing everything you can to resolve these kind of issues.



  10. I have a question about metatags & keywords, though. I think I saw another thread on a TCH board where someone mentioned that search engines don't rely on metatags & keywords as much anymore.


    Anybody know what they are relying more on now?


    Only a handfull know for sure, but from all indications it is:

    1. Content - If they can't tell you are a lawn mower site you won't come up on a search for lawn mowers.

    2. Links - links from other sites are good. Links from sites in a related area to yours are golden. If you get a link from a dog groomer it's good. If you get one from a landscaper or weed whacker site it's much better since that's related to lawn care.

    3. Magic faerie pixie dust (other things most folks only guess at).


    The thing to remember is that if someone searches a site for "lawn mowers" then the engines will try to give them the very best sites relating to lawn mowers. That's how they get popularity which equals advertising revenues. Make sure the subject of your site is clearly about a topic and work on links from other sites.


    What's the best link strategy? Make an awesome page about a topic and people will link to you automatically. Link exchanges are starting to be downplayed by the engines so "I'll link to you if you link to me" is not a strategy with a future, many would say.


    Also, make sure your pages are made for people and not search engines! The engines recognize spam and most tricks folks play so make your page for the customer/client/visitor and the rest will somewhat take care of itself.


    Search engine submission pages are almost worthless nowadays and submission services are ripoffs. Face it, being submitted to 400 search engines is not worth money - can you even name more than 10 engines? Neither can your customer/visitor. Directories are different - they list things by hand and don't "crawl" the web looking for sites. Also, if you have a very specific niche then there may be some less-known engines worth trying to submit to, but I'd bet that only applies to about 5% of the sites out there. Niches usually don't have engines dedicated to them, but if they do then it's worth looking at.


    Meta tags and keywords are not bad because they are used occasionally by search engines for the text they show in their results, but don't rely on them for placement and certainly don't use them to try to trick the engines into liking your page. "I'll give you my candy bar if you be my friend" only works in school playgrounds - and not even successfully there.

  11. Besides that, proof is a difficult thing in the world of today. For instance, you may have an IP address stating that the words came specifically from one computer. In a court you would have to prove it was a person who typed it. How can you prove it was not the guy's wife, mother, friend, a burglar, etc? It is an almost impossible thing to do legally. You are better off blocking his IP, installing filters or moderated lists, or launching your own anti-anti-me campaign stating that "It is rumored that blah blah, but it's not true" which can turn some people off. Usually it's just best to ignore them if possible and let them get their kicks with someone who will "fight back".


    Of course, it depends on what's being said, does it affect business, etc.

  12. Have you ever hosted your site at the host Head Guru named above? (Don't want to give them any more reputation from our forums) If you used to be hosted there it would make sense that Google still has some old pages in there. If not then it's a true mystery as to why they would be pointing at your site here.

  13. I think they went with the name change for two reasons. 1. FrontPage had a negative rep. 2. It fits nicely with the Expression Studio which they probably hope to run against the Adobe/Dreamweaver suite. From the beta trial of Expression Web I saw, it's the latest FP (which was headed in that direction with better CSS support, etc) with a facelift and a very few new features aimed at the whole suite model.


    They are offering upgrade from FP for $99 which is pretty good and the Suite for $349.


    Obligatory on-topic post: There are many WYSIWYG site-builder type setups out there. Make sure what you end up with can be uploaded to any server though. Long ago I got ahold of one but it only worked if uploaded to their server.

  14. Disclaimer: Your setup may be different than mine. (but I doubt it)


    I basically sent the message above to the Help Desk in a ticket with the domain name I'm switching and it took them about 10 - 15 minutes (I marked it low priority) to get it set up and for emails to start flowing. Do the part Google requires and the help desk can take care of the CNAME type stuff here.


  15. Heya Natt!!!


    With Winrar select your .zip file and go to the menu Tools and under that is Repair Archive. That may work.


    You may also try making D:\backuptest and unzip to that to see if it's a problem with being nested so deep, but I doubt that's it. Also, if you have another hard drive try unzipping to it in case your file allocation table is full - if you have drives formatted FAT. I'm reaching here but it's worth a try.


    I too think your best bet is to unzip them in Linux but that doesn't get you what you need.

  16. My question would be you bought a domain name, why are you forwarding that email to your ISP?


    Another reason would be as in my case. As a reseller I have a client for whom I do web design and hosting. He has AOL :) and refuses to change no matter what I say or tell him - even stuff he agrees with. :wallbash: So, the bottom line is that he won't change, AOL doesn't pop (AFAIK, unless they "recently" changed) and I have to forward customer emails to him. Unfortunately it's going to my main account and I hand-forward it via another email system. :surrender:


    I do like your idea of forwarding to a "master" account in-domain and then popping in from wherever I like. I'm currently forwarding to gmail (until they go crazy) just because I like their interface and it's web-accessible. I don't care for squirrel or horde much and gmail has calendars, etc and will only continue to expand. It works for now, I guess. If I do the forward to my reseller and pop that from Gmail it would be ok - definitely something I'm going to check into since it's probably only a matter of time before gmail starts blacklisting or we have to stop all TCH forwarding. It's a shame these darned spammers make it bad for the rest of us.

  17. Say the fire is spewing smoke to the next zone, it would take smoke, flame and a raise in core zone temp to trip the next zone.
    And by then a little water won't hurt anything. :tchrocks: Impressive system - as I said, everything you do shows you care not only about the success of the business but of your customers as well.
  18. Another thing to consider when developing your pages - the nice handy features a WYSIWYG editor adds are not always standard compliant. For instance, FrontPage used to add a lot of things that only work in IE. Perhaps some of the features added by Dreamweaver are also non-standard. It's usually best to stick with regular HTML/CSS/JAVA/etc. type things. The editors are getting much better but they still have some "glitches."

  19. Bill,

    That is absolutely awesome news for us and for you guys! No one can say honestly that you don't do everything you can to provide the highest quality product possible. It say a lot about your character and makes me happy to have my sites hosted at TCH!


    Now, let's talk about all those death-spewing sprinkler heads in the ceiling! :tchrocks:


    Level with us, Bill. Is this really your house? I have a feeling this is the recreation room you've been working on in the basement for the past 6 months. The door to the stairs down says "Bill's Playroom!" doesn't it? :tchrocks:


    Major props Bill, you've earned them!

  20. Also isn´t it possible to see the files inside the public_html folder in my browser?

    Hi Iván,

    When you go to http://www.yourtchsite.com/public_html the web server looks for certain default index pages and if it sees any of them your browser will display that page instead of the files in that folder. Some of the default names are index.htm index.html default.htm default.html etc. If you rename that main page then you should be able to see the files in the folder, but so can everyone else so if you have some files there you don't want people to know about this is a bad idea. If it is just the pages to your website then it won't hurt to do this while you are working on it.

  21. I'm going to take that with a grain of salt until I can check out more about it. The problem is that most of those clips are taken out of context. They could be talking about almost anything.


    The other problem I had in listening only to 1/2 (time limits right now) is when the guy was reading the paper and said "What did AT&T have to do with the invention of the Internet - nothing"..."What did BellSouth have to do with the invention of the web browser - nothing" Subtle change of question there slick... whoever you are.


    I'm gonna research it more but don't panic without doing the research... it may be all a bunch of hooey.

  22. Here's something I had to recently consider.


    It seems that the "widescreen" monitors are becoming popular. I had a website that looked great for our church but when the Pastor got a widescreen he was very much bugged by the huge gap on the right side. I looked at it and said "eeeeuuwwww" or something to that effect.


    I suggest that you make sure you have a repeating background that will at least fill in that space with a color, pattern or nicely-tiling background.

  23. Because I'm using it as a training tool, I'm using FrontPage 2003 for my sites. One site I update extensively in bursts. Anyway, once I have it set up I have no problems with it. I had to fiddle with it to get it set up right (make sure you check Passive FTP) but once it talks I don't have to go back and reinstall Extensions or anything - just use it.


    Perhaps with more details about the problem someone here could help you figure out what's going wrong.

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