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  1. http://www.sysadminday.com/ is today! <3 you guys so muchly for all you do Thanks for being so wonderful!
  2. Hahaha Man, I am so guilty of so many of those, especially the last one. I have SIMMS from my first tower 10 years ago. HAH! I used to support DOS.
  3. *sigh* ah well, that's what I was afraid of. Thanks you guys for your responses. I have put in a request for the domain name once it becomes available again, and they will send me an email or call me when it does. Then I can register it myself and avoid a future fiasco Wonder where I read it took a year?? Must have been someplace else. I suppose a few months isn't too bad a wait period. Thomas: yeah it's expired, but I wasn't the one who bought the domain and the login info I have isn't letting me log in to their site to change the info. So, I wait. Thanks again for your help you
  4. Ok, here's the situation: I have 2 accounts with you guys. One is my personal site. One is a guild website - the first one bought as a matter of fact. I used to be co-leader of a guild for Everquest (yeah, I know.. hush) called Harbingers of Death, and was the website admin... however, I was not the one who purchased the domain name. One of the other members had purchased the domain. We did it as a gift to the guild. I now have no idea how to get in touch with her - she has disappeared, and what emails I've sent to her either aren't getting to her (unlikely) or she isn't answering (mor
  5. I hope everyone gets lots of candy, gifts, and.... other stuff. Wow, never knew the history behind the holiday before. Thanks Rob
  6. Don - ROFL That is the funniest cat pic I think I have ever seen. Janda - my god that poor thing. I dunno about ugly, but that is defintely the saddest looking creature.
  7. I worked with heat presses and transfers alot when I was a teenager working in MJdesigns. Maybe I can help?
  8. Wow! I have always wondered what it would be like to be Jane Jetson... this is pretty close Yeah, I'd defintely give it a whirl.
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