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  1. Roundcube is on all our servers. Please post a ticket to the helpdesk if you are not seeing it.
  2. Thank you for sharing that link. I am sure it will help others too.
  3. Is there any particular reason for this backup setup. I am asking you this because all our shared / reseller servers are having multiple backups by default 1) Weekly backup to a secondary disk which can be accessed via the "Backups" option on your cPanel 2) offline backups to our backup server, once every 12 hours with 7 iterations = 14 backup snapshots which can be accessed via "R1soft" link on cPanel.
  4. Hello everyone and thank you. I am so looking forward to work with you all and am already loving it here. The last couple of weeks I was touching base with the nuts and bolts here and the help I got from the staff and management has really made the transition easier. So a big HI to all here . And my very best wishes for Carl.
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