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  1. Going by what you said, you would be in the group of our earliest clients here and I am so happy to read your review about our services. Thank you for your continued business and for the positive feedback.
  2. At the moment we are not moving over to PHP 5.3.x. But it is being planned and will be announced in advance on the forums before we update it on the server.
  3. Please check out our blog post HERE. I hope it is what you are looking for.
  4. We have two backup options :: 1) Weekly backup to secondary disk on the same server. You can access this by logging into cPanel and then navigating to the Files -> Backup section. 2) Offline backup to our remote server taken twice everyday with 7 day retention. 7 x 2 = 14 backup snapshots. This is available via by cPanel -> R1Soft link. These will have all the files of your account at the time backup ran, ie emails on the server, databases, web pages etc. You can also take backups of your account anytime you feel using the cPanel -> Backup option which will be saved to your home directory on the server and then can be downloaded to your local system via FTP. I would recommend taking the full backup option here. So you do have multiple backups options at your disposal. But it is always a good practice to keep your own copy of your files from time to time.
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