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  1. I have seen this request making rounds with cpanel developers dating back to 2006. The only hack for this at the moment is editing out the theme and removing those features from the code. But this means the options will not be available to every user on the server, which is something we cannot implement on a shared hosting server. There is also a chance of things breaking when cpanel does a code rewrite.
  2. PHP upgrades and FTP accounts are not related. Please drop in a ticket as Thomas suggested so that we can see what the real problem is.
  3. With suPHP you cannot have 777 permissions, but the same can be achieved using 755. Please try it out and if the issue persists, drop in a ticket so that our techs can have a look.
  4. You will have to go the local php.ini way to get it working on the newer PHP version.
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