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  1. Please open a ticket to our Technical Support Team with the account info so that we can check this for you. Support link is on the top menu and also on my signature.
  2. We experienced a service outage at our NOC affecting a few servers. We have verified all services are back to normal. Our help desk, Live Chat and tech IMs were not affected and we were online in case you needed to reach us during the outage. Please accept our apologies for any inconveniences this may have caused.
  3. Shared hosting accounts have their limitations but does not mean they are insecure or inefficient.
  4. We have SFTP running on all our servers for a few years now which is a secure way to transfer files.
  5. Email verification feature is disabled on our server due to numerous complaints we got from users saying they are not able to get mails from subscriptions. Eg, if you are a subscriber to New York Times, their newsletter will have the address, say no-reply@newyorktimes.com, which will not be an active email address in an effort to reduce spam emails they receive. So if we enable that feature, the mail server will query back new york times server to see if that email address is valid, and on finding it not so, reject the email. In a shared hosting server platform there is a limit on enabling all features, considering the diverse accounts that gets hosted.
  6. Reboots are complete, we have been monitoring the servers for a few hours now and verified there are no issues. Just wanted to share that we are all happy there were no complications and things went according to the plan.
  7. We will be starting the server reboots in a short while from now. We expect each server to be down for a few minutes. If there is an extended outage, it will be reported on the appropriate server thread.
  8. We will be pushing our kernel and OS updates the coming days and all shared / reseller servers will be rebooted for the changes to take effect. This is scheduled on 27 Jan Friday evening when we have enough hand within our NOC. Downtimes should be minimum and if there are any issues on reboots extending the downtime, we will be posting it under the forum thread of that particular server.
  9. The maintenance was completed in under 30 minutes. We have been monitoring the server and the desk performance for the last few hours and seen no issues with it. This was part of our overall company upgradation, you can read more about it HERE.
  10. We will be doing some maintenance work on our Help Desk, so it will be unavailabe for some time. But our Live Chat and IM logins are available and our tech team will be working on issues. Please note this outage is only for the support desk, all servers will be operational.
  11. This should now be resolved. The module is present on the server. Please check it out.
  12. Software updates are released for a reason, be it security or stability. Personally I would never recommend running anything that is even one release outdated. And it is much easier to upgrade progressively as and when an update is available rather than jumping between releases. Wordpress has a very robust upgrade tool on their Dashboard which takes care of all the woes. And although I do take full backups of the accounts when I upgrade wordpress, I never had to use them. Since your version is a bit behind, please take backups as Bruce suggested, disable all plugins, upgrade WP, then upgrade plugins and enable them one after the other to ensure they all are compatible. Most are, and if they are not, I would suggest you move away from it.
  13. Merry Christmas everyone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. You need not login to open a support ticket, just click HERE, choose "Technical Support". Make sure you use an email address that you are able to access on the email field.
  15. Kindly raise a ticket to our support department with all the details so that we can try to replicate the issue. The issue seems to be local, have you made any changes to your firewall, antivirus settings etc ?
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