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  1. Please open a ticket via our help desk (link on my signature an on the top menu) and include your cpanel logins as well as a sample of the email that you got so that I can check this out for you.
  2. Each email account under your domain has a separate login. Please go to http://nospam.totalchoicehosting.com/, click on the Forgot Password link and give the email account on the next window.
  3. Please open a ticket to our help desk with your cpanel and wordpress admin logins so that we can have a look at the account
  4. There is nothing to worry about as it is showing server partition and not something under your account. 83% is fine, there is lots of room on that partition. We keep a close watch on all the server aspects, this is normal
  5. Deleting the contents does not have any effect on your timeouts. Timeouts happen when the established session becomes idle. Connection becomes idle if the ftp session has finished uploading its batch of files or if there is a network issue between your system and server.
  6. Checking the server logs, I was not able to see any problems except FTP sessions from your IP getting dropped due to inactivity. Jan 15 18:09:53 matra pure-ftpd: (xxxxxxx@ip) [iNFO] Timeout (no new data for 900 seconds) Jan 15 21:52:20 matra pure-ftpd: (xxxxxxx@ip) [iNFO] Timeout (no new data for 900 seconds) (username and ip commented out from logs) FTP server terminates sessions that do not show any activity for 15 minutes. This is something that we cannot change as you are hosted on a shared server.
  7. To deny smtp service, you will need to setup custom filters to check the IP on headers.
  8. IP Blocker is to deny IPs accessing your site. You can set it to block ranges as described here.
  9. The issue with network is fixed. We are keeping a close watch to analyse and ensure there are no further isssues. Thank you to all who extended their support and showed patience while this was being worked upon.
  10. Hello Rosane, Yes, we are experiencing network issues and is being reported here. Working it as fast as we can.
  11. We are experiencing network latency at our Data Centre. Our NOC network team is working this with our upstream providers to get this resolved as quick as possible. Thank you for your understanding and patience.
  12. If you are creating the new wordpress site via Softaculous, you need not add the new empty database. Softaculous will take care of it. Please note that wordpress is heavily driven through database so restoring the old dabase content to the new installation may create issues. You will need to ensure that the old installation is updated to the latest version and that you have a full backup of your account (this can be generated via cpanel) before starting your work.
  13. I have checked and confirmed there are no issues with the service ssls on the server lando. For the hosting account hosted on lando, please verify that you have the incoming and outgoing mail servers set to lando.tchmachines.com on the email client. If the issue persists, please open a ticket via our help desk with your domain name, email account logins and screenshots of your email client settings so that we can review it.
  14. Yes, I was referring to changing the email settings back to our server so that we can see what exactly is going on and try to give you a solution.
  15. Hello David, I have reviewed the chat as well as the server logs for your domain. From what I can see, the spam emails coming in to your account are getting tagged with score varying from .08 and 1.5. This does not imply that the spamassassin software is at fault, but that spammers are getting very sophisticated using servers with proper host and rdns as well as taking care not to use explicit words which could trigger a spam block. All the emails are coming directly to your email account meaning, it has been harvested by spammers and probably being sold out in lists. We are using the default installation of spamassassin as provided by cpanel which is the same across all cpanel based hosts. The issue that I can see with your account is that you spam assassin required_score of 5 and spam auto delete of 4 is too relaxed to meet the kind of spam that is reaching your inbox. From scanning days of back logs for your email, spamassassin spam score needs to be set atleast to 2 so that spamassassin can aggresively and actively scan your emails and get it tagged. Spamassassin by default has just the generic rules, you need to continuously tweak it along with your filters to strike the right balance. I have also checked a few IPs from which you receivied spam and was not able to see them on any of the major RBL lists, this is due to the fact that they do not send from the same IP for long. Since the emails are all coming to one of your configured email accounts, I am not sure about your remark on getting no spam after you changed the MX. This means either the spam settings are as mentioned above or the MX change is still propagating. This does not mean we are shying away from our responsibilities. I would appreciate if you can give us an opportunity to get this sorted for you. I have now set up a more restrictive spam assassin score and rule for you. Please change the MX back to our server and get back to us by opening a ticket to our support department with a couple of new spam headers that you receive so that we can configure your spam rules.
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