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  1. That's too bad. TCH is not the only reseller I use. In fact, I only use TCH for accounts that do not need email. I had so many problems with clients email space filling up on TCH because the space offered was inadequate, I finally gave up a few years ago and went with one of those other "overselling" services. I've had no problems with them and they offer great service, handling problems in minutes...literally. I only use TCH for very small sites or as I say sites that do not need email service. The service I use is more expensive per site, but well worth the extra money and it keeps my cl
  2. I'll be interested to see what the hosting plan updates are. I've started looking elsewhere for a reseller account and I've found plans that offer 50 GB of space for around the same price I'm paying here at TCH for much, much less (3000 MB). Obviously, it wouldn't be fun for me to have to move my sites, but it looks like TCH needs to come more in line with what is currently out there. I hope it's a significant increase in space...otherwise I think I'll be moving. As I say, I've been happy with TCH, but it is simply becoming a matter of economics....
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