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  1. While it's technically not anti-virus protection, TCH does a good job (too good for some ) of blocking executables from email which aren't zipped.
  2. I did get that message, and resubmitted my credit card info to the link they provided. I hope this doesn't mean I'll be charged twice (although TCH would still be a bargain ).
  3. I'd use Phorm (phorm.com) set as info only (see the docs) and set your second page as the acknowledgement page. Very simple. Steve
  4. Thanks for the tutorial, Dennis. I installed SquirrelMail exactly as you described, and the permissions are as follows: .mysqmail - 777 .mysqmail/data - 770 .mysqmail/tmp - 770 When I try to log in, I get the following error message - Error opening ../data/default_pref Could not create initial preference file! ../data/ should be writable by user nobody Please contact your system administrator and report this error. Do I need to do the helpdesk ticket chown thing after all? Thanks. Steve
  5. I'm having a similar problem when uploading a lot (50Mb) of small files. I get a 'Server Timeout' error now and then. I can Resume, though. I submitted a Help Ticket and Aromal increased the FTP limit on the server, but I don't think it had any effect. I never have more than one connection open at a time. I will say that it seems to happen less often when I upload from home, where the connection is faster. I don't upload that much that often, so I figure I'll just live with it.
  6. Outlook Express on the Windows machines and Thunderbird on the Linux box. I also use Spam Assassin on the server with all spam blackholed. Webmail - usually SquirrelMail, but I use Horde through CPanel for admin stuff.
  7. Take a look here: http://www.bootdisk.com/nero.htm for instructions on making bootable CD's. Also, I usually delete the partitions with the boot floppy/CD and let the XP installation program recreate and format them. Saves any hassle with dual installations.
  8. I'd also like to suggest TCH consider upgrading to the latest version of SquirrelMail. Address Import would be nice. Thanks. Steve
  9. Yes, I have, and it works fine, too. It's a little tricky to visualize at first, but basically you're creating two forms, each with it's own Phorm config file. The first doesn't send any email or do any logging. It just redirects the visitor to the second form to which you've passed the form results from the first. If you look at the Docs on Phorm.com under Appendices - Appendix A - Tips it explains it in detail, if not that clearly. If you still have trouble, post here or on the Phorm forums, and I (or someone) will help out. Steve
  10. I'll second that. This would be a great addition to TCH offerings.
  11. Also, Phorm (www.phorm.com) will log html form results to a comma-separated text file or mysql database. There is a free version available. It's pretty easy to set up and has worked great for me for a couple of years.
  12. Phorm (www.phorm.com) can do all that, and a lot more. I use it on a couple of sites, and it works great. Great forum and email support, too.
  13. I use a Linksys wireless access point/router, 2 D-Link USB wireless adapters for my desktops, and a Netgear PCMCIA card for my laptop. Everything works great together - no problems. I have had problems in the past with laptops using built-in 802.11 adapters, especially range issues. I think newer laptops do a better job there.
  14. I use Phorm (www.phorm.com). If all you need is a simple form mail script, it's as easy to set up as any, but it has a lot of advanced features, too. There is a free version, but it's just 15 bucks to register. There's a support forum and support questions are answered promptly.
  15. Arvind - I had a problem setting up the user name and password to access the database with my calendar program, too, and got the same error message you did. I had forgotten that your site user name is appended to the user name you set up in Mysql. For example, if your user name to log into CPanel is 'jimbos' and you set up a Mysql user name as 'calendar', the actual user name Mysql will be looking for is 'jimbos_calendar' and you'll have to use that name in the script which accesses the database. Hope this helps. Steve
  16. Excellent! Thanks, Raul. Rock Sign
  17. I'm installing a web-based calendar program on my site from: http://webcalendar.sourceforge.net The section of the program docs dealing with email reminders says this: "PHP does not come with a utility for executing time-based jobs. So, in order to check periodically for email reminders, a shell script was written in PHP. You will need two things to get this working: You should have a version of PHP built as a CGI (so that you can run php from the command line). This does not mean you must build all of PHP as a CGI. You can still build PHP as a module for your web server and then build the CGI-based PHP later. Note: Many Linux distributions and some Windows LAMP packages come with the PHP built for CGI. You must setup cron (on Linux/UNIX) or something like cron for Windows to run the send_reminders.php script periodically. Building PHP as a CGI is outside the scope of these instructions. But, if you read the PHP instructions, you'll see that the default build settings will build the CGI-based PHP. If you really can't do this (perhaps you don't have permission to install anything new on the system), skip down a couple of paragraphs to an alternate solution that does not require PHP CGI." Does anyone know if the PHP build on TCH meets these specs? Thanks. Steve
  18. I've had the same situation, with bosses who worry about "those people on the Internet" entering our site. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. If you put the following in the <head> of your page, it will prevent the browser from caching the page, and the user will have to re-enter his user name and password each browser session. If he keeps his browser open, he can leave the page and come back without re-entering that info. If you need to stop that, you'll need some kind of script. <meta http-equiv="expires" content="-1"> <meta http-equiv="Pragma" content="no-cache"> This works (for my pages, anyway) in both IE6 and Netscape. Steve
  19. I use the free calendar program from www.jayeckles.com - look under Free Stuff on the home page. Simple and easy to install. Steve
  20. I recommend you take a look at Knoppix (www.knoppix.net) first. It creates and runs from a ramdisk (128Mb or better, please) so you can take a look before installing anything. I does the best job I've found of recognizing hardware, including an old HP laptop that XP had trouble with. You can do anything with it after it's running, including Web surfing. If you like it, you can install it to your hard drive. ( Ask me for instructions, if needed.) Just download the .iso (mucho big - 600Mb+) and burn to a CD, then boot from it. At the boot: prompt, type knoppix lang=en (unless you speak German!) and watch her go. I have a hard drive installation running a jabber IM server at work and it hasn't missed a beat. steve
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