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  1. And as long as I'm here, two suggestions: You'll be a lot happier with Zencart than with osCommerce for a lot of reasons, especially Zencart's support forum. I always strongly suggest you install programs manually, rather than through Fantastico. You learn a lot more about the program's folder and file structure and configuration that way, and also learn how to use FTP.
  2. What Thomas meant is that TCH appends your CPanel (domain) user name to the name of your database and your database user name. So, if you create a db user name of 'smith' and your TCH domain's (CPanel) user name is 'jones', then you'd need to enter jones_smith as the db user name in the osCommerce config file. If you name the database 'wilson', then the database name in the osCommerce config file would be jones_wilson
  3. As Bruce points out, it's more work than just installing Zencart on your local computer. You'll need Apache (most Zencarters use a distribution called XAMPP) and MySql Server. As you said, mostly you'll be editing images and uploading them to the server. Seems like a lot of work to install Zencart locally for relatively little gain.
  4. Many people install Zencart on their local computers to make, and view, changes to the template and oher things without having to constantly upload and download the files they want to edit from a remote server. I've never done it. Once you get into a sort of rhythm uploading and downloading files, it doesn't take that much longer. I have several test sites on one of my TCH domains that I use for testing mods, etc.
  5. It appears that the interface between Google Checkout and Zencart is a 'level two' integration, which requires an SSL certificate, according to Google. Many people believe that you should have a secured site anytime you are collecting personal information fron visitors, including the Create Account process or the Shipping Info section of checkout.
  6. stevesh

    Zen Cart

    Have you posted in the Zencart forums? A lot more specific expertise over there.
  7. stevesh

    Zen Cart

    Most blank pages in Zencart are caused by unwanted spaces in PHP files. Did you edit the shopping cart page, or do you have mods installed which modify the shopping cart page?
  8. I use Joomla for a couple of sites, and like it a lot, though the learning curve is a little steep. One of the things I like about it is that there are thousands of free templates available.
  9. I've been a TCH customer for more than 4 years, including websites for my former employer, and two reseller accounts for myself. I just submitted a help ticket concerning an unimportant email issue, and received a response from Alex in less than 5 minutes. Amazing. I recommend TCH every chance I get, and will continue to do so. You guys rock. Thanks.
  10. I agree with Carl - our SpamAssassin is set at 3.5, and I haven't had a complaint from a user about missed emails. (Of course, we still get spam ...)
  11. From this page: http://forum.joomlaworks.gr/index.php?topi...19378;topicseen - Windows Media playback is now done using Silverlight (Microsoft's "Flash" alternative)
  12. I suspect you'll have to submit a ticket to the help desk, using 'unknown' when it asks for login info. They'll probably ask you for your address, etc. to verify that you are who you say you are.
  13. I'm no Joomla expert, but I have a couple of Joomla installations up and running. You don't have to install Joomla anywhere except on your TCH account. "localhost' refers to the server your installation is on. There is (to me, at least) a pretty steep learning curve with Joomla. I don't know if the other popular CMS software is the same or not - I'd guess so. Installation is pretty straightforward. After you've uploaded the Joomla files to your TCH account with your FTP client, here's a guide to the easy way: http://help.joomla.org/content/view/39/132/ One caveat - if the installation guide says your configuration.php file is unwritable, leave it that way. Otherwise you may not be able to install the sample data, which is really useful for figuring out what goes where. I'll be glad to help where I can, but figuring out something like Joomla is mostly a matter of trying stuff and then figuring out why it didn't do what you wanted it to. You can post here or PM me if you get stuck. One hint right away - I don't know if they've fixed this in v.1.5, but in v 1.0, the HTML editor worked much better in Firefox than in Internet Explorer.
  14. It sounds like you may not be an ideal candidate for CMS. I use Joomla for a couple of sites, and I like it a lot, but the main reasons I chose to use CMS were: 1. My web design skills aren't much, and I thought that by letting someone else (Joomla) deal with the backend programming, I could concentrate on the things I know how to do. My graphic design skills are also suspect, and there are thousands (yes, thousands) of free templates available for Joomla. 2. There is a (free) plugin available for Joomla for almost any function you could reasonably want. No programming for me. I don't use the access restrictions available in Joomla, but I can think of situations where they'd be very handy. I think something like that would be pretty difficult to program on your own. I guess I'd say that if you're able to create a site you like and that does what you want it to do on your own, you probably don't need CMS. Also, there is a fairly steep learning curve involved with Joomla.
  15. If you don't mind a suggestion, forget Fantastico and install Joomla 1.5 (and the other programs) manually. You can learn some important stuff about it that way.
  16. Might also be timing out in IE - I've noticed some strange behavior since the last update.
  17. Didn't notice it was a .png. That's right - .png display in IE is really hit and miss.
  18. Didn't see it the first time in IE7 (but I was able to save it), but I refreshed and it appeared, but very slowly. The fact that you're pulling your images from imageshack may have something to do with it.
  19. Well, you missed an opportunity to publicize it right here. Put a link to your forum in your signature here, so we can see what the problem might be, and do the same when you sign up to other forums if allowed.
  20. Could be something wrong with the new RAM, I guess. Have you re-installed the old sticks to see if it goes away? Delays like that can be caused by a video problem. If you have a plug-in video card (rather than on-board) maybe you disturbed it when changing RAM? BTW, I did the same upgrade on my Dell (1Gb -> 2Gb) and the only thing that appeared to run a little faster was SQL Server. Most applications run as fast as they're going to in 1 Gb, unless you have a lot of apps open at once. And faster boot? - forget it.
  21. Turning off Link Scanner was the first thing I did after installing AVG 8. Noticable slowdown when surfing the Web.
  22. You know that IE and FF have separate cookie files, right?
  23. Which finally explains why, all this time, I've never been able to create a MySQL user account that worked. I knew that the database name had the CPanel account name prepended, but I didn't realize the DB user name did, too. Now I don't have to use my CPanel user name and password as my DB info. I feel more secure already. Thanks.
  24. In case anybody else was confused (as I was - not a difficult thing to do), Step 3 above refers to the existing Wordpress installation on your server.
  25. You guys are going to embarrass me here. I appreciate the compliments, but the fact is I can be as hard-headed as the next guy. It's just that it's unusual to express an opinion on forums like this one and have no one agree with you. I'm still not completely convinced, but I'm thinking about it. I'm still not persuaded that Microsoft doesn't have a responsibility to change future copies of the Upgrade CD to remove the Full Install option, hack or not.
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