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  1. My (return) year with TCH ends. As I have written on Webhostingtalk - it was a honey year. Almost no problems and the very few were resolved very quickly and in a professional way. That's why I do like TCH support, all of them. Of course, I prolonged my contract for another year. As I am absolutely sure I will receive the same high quality service with a rare non-overselling hosting provider.. ______________________________________________________________________
  2. There has been an issue with my Nameservers for the past several days, which resulted in some (but not all) of the sites on my machine being unreachable by the world. Repeated contacts with Alex and Tina at the Help Desk made it clear that my problem could not easily be reproduced from there, and it looked very much as if they couldn't fix it. But they stuck with me on it, eventually calling in Dick DeVance to help. ____________________________________________________________________________________
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